Bassa Political Differences Finally Resolved


The political power struggle that engulfed Grand Bassa County in the past months which forced former Superintendent Etweda Cooper out of office has been resolved, Superintendent Levi Demah told President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf over the weekend in Buchanan.

Stakeholders in the county have now resolved to work together to move the county forward and to ensure development that the county yearns for, he told the President.

There have been persistent concerns that Grand Bassa is divided on political issues based on deceptive politics which were impediments to the progress of the county.

Former Supt. Cooper resigned early September 2015 following months of stand-off with the county’s Legislative Caucus over the use of the county’s development fund.

Madam Cooper stated that her resignation was the best way forward for the county amid an atmosphere of calumny, invective, intense acrimony, and deliberately circulated falsehoods that typify political and societal exchanges in the county.

“We have resolved all our differences and have agreed to work together for the betterment of Grand Bassa. This is evidenced by the presence of all of our lawmakers and some of our eminent citizens,” Demah told President Sirleaf at the dedicatory ceremony of the newly constructed Buchanan City Hall.

The Chairperson of the Grand Bassa County Legislative caucus, Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, also spoke favorably about the working relationships that now exist in the county and expressed happiness that calm has returned to ensure the development of the county.

Resolving the county’s political differences was in fulfillment of a promise made by Superintendent Demah when he took office.

At his induction ceremony, Demah said although expectations were high, people should be reminded that no leader could make it alone.

“Our stewardship will be participatory and consultative,” he further said. “No one should feel and will not be marginalized in this new equation…”

Demmah promised to avoid deceptive politics to encourage unity and regain the deserving relevance the county needed and noted that reconciliation and unity, Youth development, an improved financial management system and infrastructure development were his priorities.

The return of smooth working relationship to the county between the local government and the Legislative Caucus was also echoed by the Liberia Traditional Council Chairman Zanzan Karwor. “We are happy that our children have now agreed to work together again. This is the only way our county will develop,” he said.

Supt. Demah did a great job to bring all the stakeholders to agree to work together. “Madam President, our new superintendent is working hard. He has made everybody to come together to work for this county. We are happy that you brought this man here,” chairman Kawor declared.


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