‘Bassa Made a Tough Decision’


The Junior Senator for Grand Bassa County, Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence, has openly acknowledged that the people of Bassa made a ‘tough decision’ to forego the President Senate Pro-tempore position for the benefit of the county in the just ended Special Senatorial Election.

Making the remark over the weekend at the official welcome celebration for Senator Jonathan L. Kaipay in Buchanan, Senator Lawrence added that many counties would not have made such a historic judgment to let go of the Senate Pro-tempore position.

“Bassa is the first county that refused to comprise and during this election, the decision we made was about us, the people and not about you, the lawmaker.   

“We could have said that the position is prestigious and we need to maintain it; but we took a decision that is in the interest of the county and people,”

According to Senator Karnga-Lawrence, who was named landlady of Bassa by Cllr. Brumskine, the decision by the people of Bassa was the result of their not benefiting from the position of the Senate Pro-tempore but rather having the  prestigious title without feeling its  impact on the lives of the people or the county.

“This occasion, attended by where 12 senators, representatives and other political leaders today in Grand Bassa, clearly showed what Bassa has achieved. The people of Bassa having exercised their franchise, I promise to make the county an exemplary one in Liberia,”Senator Lawrence vowed.

He also assured the people of Bassa that the county will be better for the decision it has made; and so will Liberia, with the passage of bills that positively affect the lives of the people.

Among those who witnessed the occasion were Senator George M. Weah and Geraldine Doe-Sheriff, (both of Montserrado), Senator Stephen Zargo (Lofa), Senator Edward B. Dagoseh (Grand Cape Mount), Senator Thomas Kupee (Nimba), Senator Sando D. Johnson (Bomi), Senator Dr. Peter Coleman (Grand Kru), Sumo Kupee (Nimba) and Liberty Party political leader, Charles W. Brumskine.

Grand Bassa Senator Jonathan L. Kaipay, who beat former Senate President Pro-Tempore Gbessongar Findley in the recent senatorial election, said the decision by the people of Bassa to elect him was the reward of his faithful service over the years.  He said he plans to bring development to the people of Bassa now.

The new Grand Bassa Senator expressed gratitude to the people of Bassa, Liberty Party (LP) and all other individuals and parties for living up to their promise in electing him.  He assured them of working with the caucus of Bassa and all citizens of the county for development as well as unity and reconciliation.

“We owe the LP a debt of immense gratitude for being instrumental in getting us to where we are today.  Our appreciation goes especially to Cllr. Charles Brumskine, who was tirelessly involved in almost all aspects of our campaign effort, which earns him the mark of an excellent leader,” Senator Kaipay declared.

He emphasized that the December 20 special senatorial election sends a clear message that the people of Bassa will no longer be manipulated by politicians who are only interested in their votes and not in their welfare and the development of the county.

The lawmaker further said the election also presents, for the first time, a major shift in the geopolitical history of Grand Bassa County, describing it as an important shift, which has begun to open the eyes of the people of Bassa to the reality of long-existing desire for positive change.

The senators and other political leaders who gathered for the celebration also promised the people of Bassa to work with them to ensure that development and the interest of the people of Liberia are achieved.

Meanwhile, a group of people who gathered during the welcome celebration for Senator Kaipay have described him as the best choice of the people of Bassa. “We  have confidence that he will deliver for the county and the people,” said one Bassonian, reflecting the views of many.


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