Bassa LFA Reorganizes U14, Receive Ebola Materials from LNOC

    Mr. Jeremiah Johnson_web.jpg

    The Grand Bassa County LFA Sub-Association has reorganized its an Under 14 football team, according to its chairman Jeremiah B. Johnson in an interview in Buchanan last Wednesday.

    Johnson said the U-14 players are being groomed to eventually graduate to play for the Grand Bassa County football team. He said team was selected recently when 12 community teams in Buchanan and its environs took part in a league at which time Sugar Cane Farm Community FC defeated Church Street Community FC in the finals.

    He advised the U -14 players to obtain academic education in order to exhibit good sportsmanship and be disciplined for the team’s development.

    He announced that they are expected to receive a delegation from the Kick For Christ of Monrovia this Saturday March 7.

    He therefore called on members of the team for their cooperation.

    In another development the Bassa Sports Association (BSA) presented some Ebola preventive materials, including buckets, a carton of Clorox and soap, among others.

    BSA President Arthur Jimmy said the items were donated by the Liberia National Olympic Committee, LNOC, through the offices of the County Education Officer (CEO).

    “Despite sporting activities, I am reminding you that the county is not yet Ebola free so you all must continue to adhere to the Ebola preventive measures instituted by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and its international partners,” Mr. Jimmy reiterated.

    He hoped the Ebola materials would be distributed to teams under the County LFA Sub-Association.

    Receiving the items, LFA Sub-Association Chairman Johnson thanked the BSA and the donor for the kind gesture, and promised that the Ebola items would be fairly distributed among the teams without discrimination.

    He added that the LFA Sub-Association would sure that the beneficiary teams adhere to the Ebola preventive measures.


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