Bassa Lawmakers Accused of Stalling


The Executive Director of Grand Bassa Youth for Development, Reconstruction and Reconciliation (GBYDRR), NathanielWalker has accused Liberty Party (LP) lawmakers of stalling development initiatives intended to improve the economic status of citizens and residents of Grand Bassa County.

Mr. Walker cited the lawmakers’ deliberate refusal to execute their oversight responsibility to ensure that the people get direct budgetary appropriations for the construction of schools, clinics and salary increments as evidence of LP lawmakers’ anti- development position in the county.

He disclosed in an interview over the weekend in Buchanan that his group will shortly embark on a campaign against the re-election of all members, or any of Grand Bassa’s Legislative Caucus, if they do not prioritize initiatives that will directly benefit their constituencies.

Walker argued that while it is true that members of the County Legislative Caucus might be looking at a bigger picture called Liberia, it is equally important to note that Bassa elected them and they would not have been known in the absence of a county called Grand Bassa.

Although, these lawmakers have deep roots in Bassa, they have refused to be a part of development oriented initiatives, only because the current county Superintendent is aligned with a different political establishment instead of Liberty Party.

Walker recalled that members of Sinoe and Grand Kru counties Legislative caucuses exhibited a similar attitude which resulted to the deferment of Liberia’s 167th Independence celebration from 2014 to 2015. “We do not want a recurrence of such an ugly history in our dear county,” he said.

“It is now time for our lawmakers to begin concentrating on activities that will benefit the people of Bassa. For how long will our parents and grandparents continue earning between US$100 and US$150 as legitimate focal persons/representatives of line ministries and agencies in the county,” he said.

Meanwhile, GBYDRR is calling on senators and representatives of the county to establish and harness development oriented relationships with the current superintendent in order to improve the lives of those who elected them.

Walker expressed optimism that such cooperation will serve as a platform on which the problems of citizens can be made known and solutions worked out.

As part of their efforts to ensure that lawmakers initiate and implement direct district developments, GBYDRR is currently engaging Bassa lawmakers and say they will not rest until every citizen tastes the God given wealth of the county, Walker said.

When contacted, one of the stalwarts of Liberty Party, District #4 Representative Byron Brown said he has a lot of work to do and as such he cannot give credence to GBYDRR’s statement.

He however said that Liberty Party is not controlling any of the resources of the country.


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