Bassa Association President Blasts County Leadership


The president of the Grand Bassa Association in the Americas, Jerome Gaymen, has blamed leadership of the county for the abject poverty and low esteem facing citizens therein.

Making the statement to the Daily Observer in an internet message exchange, Mr. Gaymen said leaders in developing countries attach seriousness to quality education for their youth to prepare them for a better future.

According to Mr. Gaymen, the same would work in Grand Bassa case if leaders of the county use their influence to use development funds and seek assistance from other sources to develop the county.

He observes that because of political parties’ interests, lawmakers and other leaders of the county are not collectively working in the interest of Grand Bassa, noting, “To ensure that life gets better for the young and old in Bassa, lawmakers from the county need to give preference to the affairs of the county.

“Forming partnerships and collaboration, and working across party lines are key aspects of collaboration,” he said.

“If these opportunities are given our people, I believe the youths will be able to realize their full potential and see how best they can adequately contribute to the society,” he noted.

The GBAA president added that in such societies, young people look forward to a better future.

“Contrary to this philosophy that drives countries to a better future, I am not seeing this in Grand Bassa County for the young people. Young people in Bassa seem to have no faith in their leaders,” he said.

“The proof is clear. Do we have quality schools, as the second oldest and most powerful county in the nation? Are the citizens benefiting from our people including Gbezongar Findley the Pro Temp, Hans Barchue the Deputy Speaker, Julia Duncan Cassel, Gender and Development Minister, T. Nelson Williams, Managing Director for the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company, and Matilda Parker, Managing Director of National Port Authority and others who hold prestigious positions in government?  Is it only to have Bassa connection but Bassa not to have their benefits?” Mr. Gaymen questioned.

Although praised the establishment and funding of the Bassa Community College, he also identified three areas he says need to be addressed.

He named Community/youth development Center, Job creation and services to the elderly as areas of concern.

Disclosing development plan the US based Grand Bassa organization has for the county; Gaymen said the organization is constructing a hospital in Deso Town.

“We are working with the Community College to build the capacity of students. We also have scholarships at Mother Pattern College of Health Sciences,” he further acknowledged. 

“We have interest in doing more only as a partner to the county and its people,” he assured.

He clarified that his comments are not meant to set the impression that he wants a political position in the county.

“I don’t believe in seeking political glory before performing my duty as a lawful citizen. When we brought the books and computers, the speculation grew that I want political office. That's not true. I do not have to do these things to qualify me for a political office,” Mr. Gaymen stressed.

However, Grand Bassa Senator and Senate Pro-Temp Gbehzohngar Milton Findley told the Daily Observer that he would continue to work with the Grand Bassa Association in the Americas to ensure that development be the first priority of the county.

T. Nelson Williams, Managing Direct of the Liberian Petroleum Refinery Company dispelled discrediting statements made by Gaymen and noted that there are prominent sons and daughters of Grand Bassa, who are contributing to the growth and development of the County.

He said he has personally contributed to private sector and government-owned institutions in the county through partnership with his friends.

“I am personally supporting the private sector. I also have a foundation in Buchanan and a Hotel which have about 27 employees in both institutions. I have scholarships for both junior high students and those of the Grand Bassa Community College. My foundation has a feeding program that caters for the old, blind, crippled and the underprivileged,” Mr. William said.


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