Basketball Chief Rubbishes ‘Interim Leadership’ Tale

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    The formulation of an interim leadership to manage a season’s league and lead the country’s second popular sports to an election has been on the lips of some basketball stakeholders and players, owing to the continuous strife between the leadership and aggrieved stakeholders.

    The friction has caused five (5) meetings to end in deadlock, were organized by the Liberia National Olympic Committee (LNOC) and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

    The recent meeting, held at the Youth and Sports Ministry was chaired by Sports Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe, ended in stalemate coupled with a failed election, which resulted into a fight.

    One of the aggrieved stakeholders, Calvin Diggs of 1st division club Flames, said there is a clear-cut need to create interim leadership to restore the association to normalcy amidst fear of non-transparent and unfair election as well as the constitutional end of the Rufus Anderson’s leadership.

    Mr. Diggs on Saturday stressed that the continuous wasted meetings are prolonging the restoration of sanity in the association and argued that duration of six months would be quite better.

    A basketball player of Mighty Barolle, who begged anonymity, indicated that the Liberia National Olympic Committee, (LNOC) should only formulate the interim leadership but in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports to restore order and run a league for a season and most importantly, hold elections.

    Interestingly, Mr. Diggs and the basketball player suggested Mr. Charles Ananaba, who they believed is very neutral in the crisis, should serve as the interim leader.

    “He knows the problems in basketball because he played the game – he is a neutral person, honest, hardworking, upright and good,” Mr. Diggs said.

    “Charles has good leadership style and he can relate to others amicably,” the basketball player said.

    However, Liberia’s basketball chief Rufus Anderson has rubbished any interim leadership.

    Mr. Anderson said he remains president of the Liberia Basketball Association (LBA), though his term has expired, till elections, and would honorably step down if unelected.

    He also trashed comments that he is no longer president of the association, according to constitution, arguing that the constitution’s call for elections has failed four times.

    When contacted Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Henry Yonton yesterday via mobile phone, said the Ministry awaits Minister Nagbe who is expected to arrive in the country today (Tuesday) from the United States and upon his arrival there will be another meeting where the final decision would be made.

    It may be recalled, last week, Anderson was hospitalized and diagnosed of ‘high blood pressure.’

    Mr. Anderson admitted being ill and told the Daily Observer that he needs extreme rest, which is necessary for speedy recovery.

    The outgoing president, for about two months has been under severe pressure from aggrieved stakeholders over his alleged financial and administrative malpractices.


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