Baptists Yearn for Unity


A three-day Rural Pastor’s Conference of Baptists has ended in Monrovia. Participants emerged with a “renewed commitment” to the search for peace and unity among its members and enthusiast (devotees).

Held from February 4 to 6, the conference brought together Baptists from all over Liberia as well as those from the Diaspora.

The conference was held at the Washington Chapel, a Baptist Church at Ricks Institute in Virginia, just outside Monrovia.

It was sponsored by the Liberian Baptist Missionary and Education Convention, Inc. (LBMEC) in collaboration with First Baptist Church, Kings Mountain, North Carolina (NC), USA.

Centered on “Effective and Efficient Ministry in Local Churches,” the conference was held with the goal of bringing together pastors from all over Liberia to be reinvigorated (boosted, revived) to ‘effectively and efficiently’ spread the Gospel in keeping with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Each day of the conference was observed with a series of teaching experiences and daily devotion led by various Liberian Pastors and backed by beautiful singing from the Bridgeway Baptist Church and the New Georgia Baptist Church choirs.

Giving an overview of the convention, the president of the LBMEC, Inc., Rev. Dr. Olu Q. Menjay, disclosed that the end of the conference witnessed the certification of each of the participants, who were then given “very loaded Bibles.”
Other gift items were handed out for spouses of participant that had been unable to attend the conference.

As a mark of encouragement, each of the participants was given a travel allowance, and catered to in line with Rev. Dr. Menjay’s doctrine of searching for gospels that bring “the Sheep to their Shepherds with peace and unity.”

The lead Bible teacher for the conference, Dr. John W. (Chip) Sloan, described the gathering as “a great one being granted by God’s gift to serve as a pastor/teacher.”

Dr. Sloan has been a pastor for three churches in his 40 years of ministry. Bro. Chip has held other positions including Trustee of Gardner-Webb University. He is also a member of the Executive Committee for the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.

He lectured on the topics: an expository study of Philippians and the heart and art of preaching, among others.

Bro. Chip was accompanied to Liberia by two other Baptist Missionaries; one of them is Shawn Hubers, a respected administrator in Cherryville, NC.
He serves the First Baptist Church of Kings Mountain as a highly respected Sunday school teacher and deacon. He also lectured on the topic: “Apologetics-How we got the Bible and why we can Trust it.”


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