Baptists Convention ‘On New Path of Reconciliation’

Rev. Samuel B. Reeves, head pastor of Providence Baptist Church and President-elect, LBMEC

Rev. Dr. Samuel B. Reeves, Jr., senior pastor of the historic Providence Baptist Church, is the new President-elect of the Liberia Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention (LBMEC). The election took place on Sunday, October 25 at the Ricks Institute, Brewerville City, North of Monrovia.

Being consciously aware that Baptists across the country have been embroiled in internal conflict, LBMEC President-elect Pastor Reeves, in his acceptance speech, challenged members of the Baptist denomination to embrace reconciliation and unity with one another as Christ urged the believers.

“Gone are days when Baptists were found in courtrooms judging cases. I have summoned all pastors, deacons, and those that felt disenchanted to come for us to sit and discuss their issues,” Rev. Dr. Reeves said. “Our Convention has been struggling for reconciliation and unity for a long time,” he added. “Everyone will be expected to live as a free Baptist in a free society. This administration offers unconditional Christ-like charity for all and malice towards none.”

He said the Baptist Church is the cornerstone of the nation and, as such, they ought to reconcile with one another to serve as an example for Liberia, which is also divided on sectional, tribal, and geographical lines.

“As someone remarked recently in one LCC (Liberia Council of Churches) meeting, “as the Baptists go, so goes the nation because they are the cornerstone of the nation.”

Reeves said, “Indeed Baptists are not only the ‘National Cornerstone’ but also the light of Liberia planted on every hill, showing the way out in the darkness, degradation, and vilification. That light has faltered and continues to blink rather than shine. When Baptists reconcile, so will the nation.”

He added: “We, therefore, commit to you this day, at this place, as your 22nd president of this great Convention, that with prayers and supplications I will stop at no height nor depth, but will engage every corner of our Convention in the North, in the West, in the South, and in the East as God gives me the power to reconcile our people, to heal the wounds, to bandage the sores and remove all scars, making us whole again.”

Dr. Reeves made these remarks at the forty-sixth mid-year session, held on Sunday, October 25, 2020, at the Washington Chapel, Rick’s Institute, Township of Virginia, Brewerville City, north of Monrovia.

The convention was held under the theme, “No Special Seat, But Service” with text from Matthew 20:20-28. The theme song for the convention was the hymn, “Zion Stands with Hills Surrounded.”

He also said there will be no witch-hunting of anyone “because we are on a new path of reconciliation and restoration,” pledging that his administration will be transparent in all actions towards the Convention to transform the Baptist Educational sector and provide international scholarship for the Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary.

“We commit here today to be an administration of full disclosure, accountability, and transparency in all of our actions on behalf of all Baptists,” Pastor Reeves said.

Rev. Dr. Reeves was elected President of the LBMEC along with Rev. Alonzo Jet Duncan, Vice President; Rev. Ernest W. Davies, Montserrado County Vice President; Rev. Ezekiel Kopea, Vice President, Bomi County; Rev. Alex Blayon, Vice President, Maryland County; Rev. Shelton Saydee, Vice President RiverGee County; Rev. Joseph Blama, Vice President, Lofa County; Aldophus Barr, Vice President, Margibi County; and Rev. Noah Jassy, Vice President, Sinoe County.

Rev. Dr. Reeves succeeds Dr. Olu Q. Menjay, who was first elected LBMEC President in 2012 and re-elected on white ballot in 2016. Menjay is also former Vice President of the Baptist World Alliance (2010-2015).

Founded in 1880, the Liberia Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention aims to bring Baptist churches together for fellowship, cooperation and the development of programs in Christian education and evangelism. Comprising churches, educational institutions and auxiliaries, the LBMEC recognized during its inception that, as Baptists, there was great virtue in the principle of “Strength in Unity”. The Convention has expanded its program goals to include the development of member churches’ capabilities for self-sustainability, self-governance and self-propagating.


  1. The cornerstone of Liberians was embraced by the founding fathers of this nation when the First Church of this nation, Providence Baptists Church on the corner of Broad and Ashmun Streets was established. After Settlers saw the conflict of interest in various forms of worship amongst others of traditional and denominational procedural services to God, they foresaw that a pledge to the separation of Church and State would establish the fact that there is none but one God. As Baptists, we must stick to our principles of serving only one master and avoid the crave for state power when chosen as preachers or Church leaders. You cannot bring God’s message and inter twine that powerful sacrament with that of the devil. When we pray, we remember first epistle of Paul the Apostle to Timothy 3 :5 (“For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?”). We lie in public service and Satan lifts us up. Some kill and Steal in Political Administrations of some Governments, yet some Reverends and Pastors consume these acts with the condemnation of the devil misinterpreting the Ten commandments of the most high. These religious leaders pose to think that they are not sinners. The sole purpose of a Liberian Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention preacher is to serve my church, our church, your church and tell us what God says. If you are a high scholar of the scriptures, read Numbers 23:19 and keep your devil miles, not feet, away from me so that my Jesus can come and save us sinners.

    Praying. Do not disturb.

  2. Not all Churches are at the corner of Broad, Center, and Ashmun Streets. That time In Monrovia, All Settlers came in contact with the traditional worship of Liberia and established this cornerstone of the nation. Holy ground.

    • Holy Ground WHERE? Holy ground where human sacrifice for ritually killings carried out by the so called authorities or leaders of the very church and their Masonic craft selling and killing human beings for money and power?

      Holy ground where the very pastors and bishops were the culprits of the worst abominations (Leviticus) such as men sleeping with men, entrenched in juju and vodoo throughout the week Bishops and pastors sleeping with other peoples wives in the church, with bishops and pastors as drunkards to this day as made evident in the life style of this very Samuel Reeves?

      The shrines of Manawulu etc were and are more of a Holy Grounds than your coven coverups you misplace as holy ground only to deceive yourself that your ritualistic killing settlers committing the worst of abominations were holy, when the fact is that they were total demons.

  3. King Long Peter and others help to establish this nation; They encompass our history and are commonly referred to as the “Lords of the Soil.” We all build Liberia. It is important to note that the Natives played a pivotal role in the genesis of the nation. Credit to this historical event should not only be restricted to those that “came here” but should also be rightfully extended to include “those that they met here” and who also make up the majority of our democratic dispensation.

  4. Reverend, you have a great task before you and it is our prayers that God will guide, protect and direct you as you assume your new spiritual responsibility. Always remember that you were not called to only preach the gospel; but you were also called to “live the gospel.” This requires discipline, holiness and living a Christ-like life.” Recusing yourself from temporal matters and focusing on the spiritual should be your foremost concern. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into state politics as you attempted to do years ago when you ran to be a Vice President. To be an effective critic in the name of Jesus, stay with the Church and do the Lord’s bidden, speaking out against the ills of society as the Holy Spirit directs. You cannot be a politician and a Preacher at the same time. You cannot mix both professions. For even Jesus said in Matthew 6:24 that “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one, and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and mammon. Fast and pray in all that you do. If the First Church must be the “Light” then let its light so shine that others may be able to see its good deeds and glorify the Father that in Heaven.

  5. A rascal (Sam Reeves) who was just the other day in the same political coven with politicians to the extent of him abandoning the Church, and becoming Vice Presidential candidate, can never ever have the will, the sensibilities, the intellect, or the conscience, to “recuse himself from temporal matters and focusing on the spiritual which should be his foremost concern.“ Hence, this rascal will always be a politician and a Preacher at the same time. using the pulpit for his political and satanic agenda as was the case with Lucifer.

  6. Mr. True Nationalist, you have reminded me how during the 2017 campaign and elections, Pastor Reeves and CBL Governor Mills Jones thought they could fool voters with their social statuses in religion and finance respectively. At least, not only they Jones and Reeves, but the rest of their fellow elites are now aware that voters are never fools nor hypocrites anywhere in the world.


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