Baptist Prelates Vows To Campaign against COVID -19 Vaccine


— Says the vaccine is not good for the black race

The senior prelate in the Trumpet Baptist Church in Ganta has vowed to campaign against the COVID – 19 vaccines brought into the country recently.

Speaking on local radio recently, Rev. Arthur Gboe Wehyee said that the type of vaccines sent to Africa, is not good and likely to reduce the black race, though, he did not provide any evidence that explains how dangerous it is.

Rev. Gboe Wehyee who controls several congregations across Nimba and other parts of Liberia said he is prepared to stand against the use of COVID 19 vaccines by campaigning vigorously, ensuring that it is not administered to anyone, especially the poor.

He said the only way the population will be convinced to take the vaccines is when it is administered to the President and his entire cabinet ministers as well as members of the House of Parliament including the judiciary, observing a three-month period if nothing happens to any of them.

Many are now afraid in Nimba County of taking the vaccine and it may likely hamper the administering of the MOH Polio Vaccine, which is given periodically to kids from 0 – 5yrs.

Many parents, in fact, are becoming skeptical to allow their kids to get polio vaccines for fear that the COVID 19 vaccine may be given under pretext of Polio vaccines.

The prelate is yet to fully explain the detail of his campaign as to how risky the vaccine is to the blacks, and people have begun to agree with him. If not countered early, it is likely to gain momentum.

In a counter view, the Statutory Superintendent of Saclapea Mah, Arthur Gonkartee Sahn, has warned citizens against negative campaign in the ongoing polio vaccination.

Speaking also on a local radio station in Saclapea, Sahn said anyone caught campaigning against the administration of the polio vaccine will be arrested and sent to the court.

Last year, the measles campaign in two districts of Nimba received a setback due to  the fear of it being COVID – 19 vaccine, but the MOH and partners vigorously campaigned to paved the way for a successful campaign.


  1. I gave the latest analysis of the report by medical experts on the AstraZeneca Vaccine, under the topic in the Daily Observer where MTM donated a consignment of the vaccine to the Ministry of Health. See that topic and my analysis on the vaccine.

  2. Maybe Rev. Gboe Wehyee is right.

    So far, there are four kinds of Covid-19 drugs that are officially known. Of course, the Russians have their own Covid-19 vaccines. But Covid-19 drugs should not be privately donated or used. It makes sense for the name and origin of the donated Covid-19 drugs to be disclosed.

    Rev. Wehyee also wants to make sure that the Covid-19 drugs that have been delivered should be put in the arms of all top government officials before being passed on to the working class people. I don’t know this Rev. I don’t want to embrace him 100% without knowing a whole lot about him. But the truth should be told. Rev. Wehyee is right.


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