Banjak Refutes Selling ‘Rotten’ Frozen Products

Fence of Banjak Inc, Frozen Food Center in Ganta, Nimba

The management of Banjak Inc, Frozen Food Center in Nimba has denied ever selling rotten frozen products.

Banjak Chief Executive Officer, Hussien Found Banjak told the Daily Observer on Monday, August 12, 2019, that his entity has no interest in serving the public with contaminated products or rotten food.

According to Banjak, sometimes when retailers are in the process of moving the goods from one end to the other, the carton gets damaged, thus making the products to appear rotten.

“We are not bringing in rotten products, rather fresh food products that are well protected and safe for human consumption.”

The entity sells frozen varieties of pork, chicken and meat.

It can be recalled that some quantity of contaminated frozen food reportedly resurfaced in Ganta, the commercial hub of the county less than two weeks after the Commerce Ministry set ablaze some of the quantity of meat, which it classified as “rotten.”

The contaminated food was earlier being sold to local marketeers at cheap prices, and recently got booked on the market by Nimba County Agriculture Coordinator, Samuel Kehleay.

According to him, the rotten chicken products were discovered in the market in Gbahn, a town near Ganta, along the Saclepea highway.

Upon discovering the products, Kehleay seized the items, along with the seller, who informed authorities that it was the Banjak Inc. that had sold them to customers. Shortly after the seller implicated Banjak, Commerce inspectors and a team of joint security, health and agriculture, as well as inspectors from the Environmental Protection Agency, moved on Banjak Inc. Frozen Food Center, and confiscated several other cartons of the “contaminated food” in storage.

Though it was established that the goods were purchased from the center, investigators were not certain as to whether the goods were rotten when retailers bought them or it got rotten while being sold in the markets.


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