Bakers’ Association of Liberia Commends Pres. Weah


— For ‘promoting’ local industries

The Bakers’ Association of Liberia has expressed delight in the leadership of President Weah, given his numerous positive steps which have encouraged foreign investors to come to the country and invest in the sector of wheat/flour manufacturing, a release has said.

According to a press release from the association, this encouraging act from the part of the President and his government has made it possible for hundreds of Liberians to get jobs in the private sector.

“Through the help received from the flour factory, we have been able to open more bakeries. This has made it possible for hundreds of Liberians to get employment; something I believe is very commendable,” the release quotes Mr. Barry, head of the association.

The release further said that members of the association will be benefiting from advanced training, and will receive mixers from the factory to make their baking easier.

“This will enable Liberians to improve the sector and enhance the viability of a product that can be locally produced. This will also reduce our too much reliance on rice consumption,” the release said.

According to the Bakers’ association, local bakers, who were mixing their flour manually, have received modern mixers and are now being trained on how to use them.


  1. While I belong to the other side of the political aisle in my view as to how Liberia should be governed, I want to, all the same commend His Excellency the President for this step his administration has taken which has equally impacted “a bread and butter issue” we have been yearning that he addresses. These are the the basic issues any common sense leader should resolve to put first, ahead of any private concern. Thank you Mr President for this little impact down the line. Now, rise up and get the rest of the common man’s business done. That’s why you were elected for in the first place. I dare say God bless you for the first time!


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