Bahn-Buutuo Highway Impassable


Despite the presence of 22 pieces of road building equipment in Nimba County, most of the major farm-to- market roads, including the Bahn-Buutuo Highway, are impassable this raining season.
During a tour of the Buu–Yao Administrative District over the weekend, Daily Observer Nimba County correspondent said he saw several vehicles stranded along the road as a result of heavy mud that the recent downpour of rain produced.
The deplorable condition of the road, accordingly to journalist Menkor, began from the center of Bahn City to Buutuo which is situated at the Liberian/Ivorian border further in the northeast.
“The Bahn-Buutuo road is so bad that we were unable to reach our destination during the July 26 celebration,” said Dr. Kardiker Rex Dahn, Deputy Director-General, National Commission on Higher Education.
Dr. Dahn said he had intended to spend the festive season with some family members in Buutuo as well as idenitify with the on-going weeklong conference of the Liberian Inland Church, but could not do so due to the bad road condition.
“As we speak, no car is able to reach Buutuo and motorcycles are also finding it very hard,” he added.
Some of the roads that have been closed to vehicle movement include the Yao-Lepula/Buutuo Highway via Nyor-Gomaplay—the birth place of Senator Prince Johnson and the district Rep. Samuel Korgar.Other no go areas are the link between Wea-Beadatuo and Glarlay New Town as well as the Wea-Beaplay to Yao-Nyanlay via Yao Mahnplat.
Nimba County has three sets of yellow machines for the rehabilitation of feeder roads across the county. The county was divided into three regions with each carrying a set of machines, which include a caterpillar, road grader, front-end loader, compactor, 2 excavators and a dump truck.
County authorities recently announced some achievements in the rehabilitation of feeder roads in some quarters of the county, including the Buu–Yao.
Recently, county authorities procured three double-cabin pickups from the County Social Development Fund for use by the Superintendent, Development Superintendent and the County Inspector.


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