Bahai’s Get Education Center


The Baha’i World Center in Haifa, Israel, has approved the opening of an education center for its junior youth spiritual and intellectual empowerment program in Liberia.

The project is through its Social and Economic Development program (OSED) and will help youth between 12 and 15 years to acquire spiritual, moral and intellectual education through their active involvement in the prescribed texts, community and building service projects, among others.

Meanwhile, the first of the 10 day seminar started on Friday July 4 at the Baha’i Development Institute in Paynesville with 19 persons in attendance.

Among the participants were coordinators and active animators from Sierra Leon and Liberia as well as the program’s resource person from Ghana.

A member of the African Resource Persons Team (ARPT) Kyei Assante Baffor of Ghana said the establishment of the experimental site in Liberia came as a result of the many contributions from Liberians of all religious backgrounds.

He said the selection of a country to establish a learning site is also through the increment of the number of junior youth groups and proper coordination of all its programs.

Mr. Baffor said spiritual revival is what the world needs to build good moral structures to uplift humanity.

For his part, a member of the junior youth program coordinating team in Monrovia, Joseph G. Lewis, appreciated OSED for granting Liberia the privilege to have a trial learning site that he hopes will be permanent as the program advances.

Mr. Lewis considers it a privilege and a call to help in the construction of an environment in which youth from Christian, Muslim, Baha’i and other spiritual backgrounds will freely learn together to contribute to the community building process.

Ms. Fatumata Koromah from Kenema District in Sierra Leone expressed delight in being a part of the first training exercise in Liberia.

Koromah told the Daily Observer that she has improved in her attitude and patience to serve people because of her participation in the junior youth program as an animator.

The national junior youth coordinator in Sierra Leone, Peter Wiakesa, expressed gratitude to the Baha’i World Center through OSED for bringing a learning site to Liberia.


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