Bad Roads Hamper Deliveries of Needed Ebola Emergency Materials

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Once again, it is obvious that the current deplorable condition of roads nationwide is gravely hampering the deliveries of critically needed emergency items to Ebola virus suspected, probable and confirmed cases.

Already, several reports gathered from aid agencies and other public service providers have presented some grim and worrisome pictures that should claim the urgent attention of the Minister of Public Works and her team of road engineers.

Currently in rural Liberia, specifically the southeastern counties of Grand Gedeh, Sinoe, River Gee and Maryland, roads are in very deplorable conditions and need immediate fixing.

This urgent assertion was contained in separate interviews conducted by the Daily Observer early this week in Monrovia and some parts of rural Liberia.

Importantly, aid agency personnel and health workers operating and working in rural Liberia have sounded urgent SOS calls on the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) and global partners in rural development for their interventions in the road networks.

“Our aid vehicles are already encountering extreme difficulties in conveying critically needed equipment, logistics and other vital services for the rural Liberians in several parts of the country,” aid-agency staff Moses Y. Morgan asserted.

Mr. Morgan pointed out that the relief and humanitarian community are equally concerned about the rapid spread of the Ebola virus in the country.

“I want the immediate intervention of the Public Works Ministry and partners in fixing most of the rural roads that are currently in very deplorable conditions,” Mr. Morgan stressed.

“Personally and officially, I do not want the deadly Ebola virus to spread to the unaffected counties, that would cause many more lives to be lost especially, in the rural areas,” Mr. Morgan said.

Regrettably, most of the roads in rural Liberia at the moment are in very deplorable condition and need urgent fixing by the MPW and partners.

Non-governmental organizations, foreign and Liberian road construction companies have halted their operations as a result of the deplorable conditions in their operation areas in Liberia.

Several officials of the NGO Community in Northeastern Liberia’s Nimba County recently told the Daily Observer that conveying materials to their operational areas was indeed frustrating and a complete nightmare.

“We spend days and weeks on the highways with our vehicles negotiating with the huge piles of mud and life threatening potholes,” NGO official Thomas Gray asserted.

He also intimated that the fight against the deadly Ebola virus is the sacred and cardinal responsibility of all Liberians, global partners and non-governmental organizations’ staff and personnel.

“As a result of the bad road conditions in several parts of rural Liberia, our vehicles being used to reach out to the needy Liberians with the required services and assistance continue to depreciate rapidly,” Mr. Gray lamented.

A female NGO employee working for the promotion of women small skill business enterprises in River Gee County told the Daily Observer recently that the organization continues to be hampered owing to the bad road conditions in the area.

Madam Caroline B. Dweh pointed out that the only operational vehicle intended to convey training materials has broken down for the past two months.

“Our work and critical operations have come to a complete standstill and donors are concerned about the funds remitted to us to carry out the work in Fish Town and other communities in River Gee County,” Madam Dweh asserted.

She further stated that with the current Ebola virus claiming of lives of Liberians and foreign residents, the situation of NGOs has become critical and daunting in River Gee County.

But according to recent remarks by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, most development projects, including road building and the Mt. Coffee Hydro, have come to a standstill with the outbreak of the Ebola virus, as most expatriates working on those projects have left the country.


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