Bad Road Obstructs Trade At Loguatuo

The stretch of road is strategic because it connects the Liberian border with Ivory Coast at Loguatuo, one of the busy rural custom ports, with the rest of Liberia.

The stretches of road connection from the Nimba County provincial city of Sanniquellie to Karnplay has become very deplorable, obstructing trade at the Loguatuo Port of Entry.

The current condition of the road has caused another outcry from the public, calling on the government to make quick intervention so as to enhance the movement of goods and people.

The stretch of road is strategic because it connects the Liberian border with Ivory Coast at Loguatuo, one of the busy rural custom ports, with the rest of Liberia.

It is also important because it links Karnplay, one of the leading agriculture hubs in Nimba.
“We are troubled with this road condition because it will hamper our cocoa market,” a cocoa farmer wondered.

Karnplay, in the Gbehlay District is a key cocoa producing area, as well as other farm products, including plantain, pepper and many more, something many farmers fear for the safety of their farm produce, if the road is rehabilitated.

“We spent about a week on the road from Ivory Coast because of the bad road, causing some of our tomatoes to get rotten,” said Miatta, a fresh tomato importer.

Most of Liberia’s agricultural goods, including cattle, livestock, dry pepper, groundnuts as well as plastic goods such as slippers, dishes and others, come through the Loguatuo Port of Entry.

Currently, dozens of vehicles are stranded at the on the road, while some are waiting in the port area for improvement of the road before entering with goods.

Nimba has about 22 pieces of yellow machines, but the political crisis among the county authorities is one of the key factors obstructing development.

Recently, the government released about US$1.1 million to the county from the over US$4 million the government owed the county from the Social Development and the County Development Funds.

But the usage of this money is now a major point of contention, due to what appears to be a lack of trust in the superintendent, who is allegedly appropriating county funds to fuel his senatorial ambition.

The road was surveyed two years ago for construction, with support from the European Union (EU), but what became of the project still unknown.

However, Taa Wongbe, a prominent citizen of Nimba and an aspirant in the coming 2020 senatorial election, told the Daily Observer in a recent interview that about US$27 million was allotted by the EU for the construction of the road, something he is calling on the Nimba Legislative Caucus to investigate, but this pronouncement is yet to be verified.


  1. 22 pieces of yellow machines, 1 million of development fund released, a surveyed stretch of road lies ready, and let alone a major border and commercial hubs along the way and yet not one of the politicians mentioned sees the full economic potential waiting to be unleash! Our leaders must have been cursed with gross incompetence, and we the people suffer!

  2. We will need people with best education ( engineers, technicians, etc…) to do that job; not dropouts.
    We must look at what advance nations are doing. Always believe in good education and the best.
    God help our IQs.


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