Bad Road In Southeast Liberia Leaves One Passenger Dead

The deplorable Ganta to Zwedru highway

By Ben T.C. Brooks- Zwedru

A man believed to be in his mid-forties, identified as James Baryee, has died along the Ganta to Zwedru highway due to the deplorable road condition.

James Baryee, was an employee of the SLD Associates Agriculture Company on the Duport Road in Paynesville City.

He met his untimely death on his way to Zwedru on Tuesday August 6, 2019 at 7:12 a.m. to undertake an assignment in the swampy Kpelle Village of lower Grand Gedeh County. 

The Kpelle Village corridor along the Ganta to Zwedru highway has been in a deplorable state since June 2019, as motor vehicles and bike riders find it difficult to cross with no intervention from the local or national government.

According to Martine Toe, a passenger heading for Maryland County, they got in the mud 3:20 a.m. but waited for day to clear before crossing.

“We sleep in this cold and mud, so early this morning we started helping the driver to pull the jeep from the mud. While doing so, the car summersaulted, and all of us fell, with mud all on our bodies. Unfortunately with James, he went off (fainted), so we managed to rush him to the Toe Town clinic where he was pronounced dead.” 

Doris Brooks, also a passenger, said Baryee’s death was caused by the national government because they refused to work in their interest of the ordinary citizens. 

“This particular Kpelle Village corridor has been impassable since two months ago. The President and his officials, they can’t tell us, southeasterners, that they have not seen this spot or heard about it on Facebook or by radio and newspaper. They are just not good,” businesswoman Doris Brooks, expressed.

Eight passengers were on board from Monrovia to Zwedru, River Gee and Maryland Counties.

According to some of the passengers the least paid fare is LD$10,000 from Monrovia to their various counties.   

Meanwhile, James Baryee’s corpse is in government possession for family identification. 

The Jeep has since been parking at the Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County police detachment, undergoing investigation.   


  1. No good news ever from our end. Other are blasting rockets into the HEAVENS, we are still crawling behind FORAGING in the 21st century.

    We have everything to make us achieve a lots, but we are lacking every will and management to make us achieve our developmental goal.
    By now, we shouldn’t have been talking about bad roads. Given our past SUNNY financial past, we should be renovating high ways that were built in the past.

    As the say goes, “make hay while it is still sunny”. You might not make it while it is raining, your animals will starve in the barn. Liberians are STARVING today of everything: infractures, education, better economy, visionaries, leadership, etc..

    Let the GOOD OLD MAN up there sent us a good patriots. Not the kinds we are seeing around here today and those of the past.

    • Its beginning not begaining Mamadu S Bah. Mamadu if you are going to correct someone’s grammatical errors, make sure your grammar and spelling is correct as well. When you point one finger at someone else, remember 3 is pointing back at you. Just some food for thought.

  2. The story seems to indicate that the victim died of an automobile accident. He had a heart attack from an overexertion, pushing the car in the mud. The cause of death is not “Bad road.” By the way, bad roads have been in Liberia since 1847. Those in power have repeatedly failed this nation since 1847. Sad and shameful!

  3. Mr Jackson Flah, thank you for your spelling correction. At least the message is clear. Even the London Time and Washington Post or Daily Observer have had some spelling errors. The ideas are what we are looking for. I personally read others’ comments for idea, I don’t pay much attention to spellings.

  4. Mr Bah,
    Thanks for your observation about the roads, etc. It is a very simple project but again the people with the Skills are not empowered to solve such issues in the whole country.

  5. Thanks Mr. (SEPC) Senior Engineers Peter Curran. For short. Let’s keep the film burning brother. Liberia belong to all of us. Critiquing policy will show light to others in leadership to do more. I don’t not call myself an educated person, rather a common sense forger. The little I got from Australia, I can add that to Mama Liberia to make it a better place for all Liberians including unborn generations.

    I spent my school years between Australia and many Asian Nations. These guys are progressive and hard working. Most if my writings depict what I saw there during those time.
    I appreciate your understanding sir.
    I hope you win next time and bring ‘LIGHT’ to our homeland.


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