Bad Road Hampers Revenue Collection at Loguatuo

A truck stranded on the road from Loguatuo

The collection of revenue at the Loguatuo port of entry in Nimba County is being hampered due to the deplorable condition of a stretch of road that connects Karnplay with Loguatuo near the Liberian/Ivorian border. Three days of heavy rains have affected the road network so much so that travelers from the commercial hub of Ganta to the southeast via Saclepea (central Nimba) are now spending sleepless nights along the road as their vehicles are often stuck in the mud.

Presently, the condition of the Ganta–Saclepea-Tappita road, as well as the road that connects Bahn with Buutuo in the northeast, is so appalling that it poses a danger to travelers. One of the worst areas is the main operational area of the port where, regardless, security officers and other authorities carry out their routine duties.
Acting revenue collector Shelton Lah told the Daily Observer in an interview that the poor road condition is obstructing the free movement of goods and services.

“When the road is in good condition, we collect huge revenues, but the rainy season has made the condition so bad to the extent that it is now weakening the movement of traders,” he said. “This is the major entry point of agriculture-related produce and other goods to Liberia, but the bad road condition is hampering the collection of revenues. During the dry season, we collect huge revenues here.” As a result of the heavy rains, several vehicles are stranded in the middle of the mud, while other sections of the road are still deplorable.

The bridge is the crossing point from Loguatuo, Liberia to Ivory Coast

Meanwhile, the bad road condition is also affecting the free movement of goods and services on the Ivorian side of the border. “We have spent over a week on this highway, including the Ivorian side, because of the road condition,” said tomato trader Miatta. She decried the condition of the road, which she blamed for damaging her goods.

The Loguatuo border is about 49 kilometers from Sanniquellie, Nimba County’s political capital. The bad road network is a yearly problem, and traders and others want something done about it. “Nearly all our basic commodities, including cattle, are transported through this border, but the road condition has never changed,” said a quarantine agent from the Ministry of Agriculture assigned to the border.

Apart from the Karnplay/Loguatuo road, some road networks across Nimba have also deteriorated, posing major challenges to commuters. The situation has resulted to increases in the price of basic commodities, especially rice and gasoline, in nearly all the affected districts.


  1. This is a shame when you look at this muddy road that connects the Ivory Coast and Liberia. The government travels on the bad road to collect revenue at the border crossing and take it to Monrovia to do whatever she wants to do with it. The border crossing revenue should be enough to build the road from Loguatuo to Sanniquellie. I bet there is no accountability for the money collected at the border crossing for the past 12 years Ellen has been in power. I read in the news where Nimba County Superintendent Cooper is appealing to President Sirleaf to build the stretch of road from Ganta to Yekepa. Superintendent Cooper, forget it because she did not do it for 12 years, she is not going to do it in her last 2 Months. Hope is on the way, Liberia will be better after President Sirleaf administration.

  2. Your put them there again, don’t cry they did well for the passed 12 years. Another mandate is very good for the Unity Party led gov’t. The whole thing about development is like doing the war where people used a famous saying “Hold your nose and pass”. For an example, see our airport our big gov’t officials can passed over there acting like they ain’t know how RIA suppose to be. When they touched down on other people’s airports they feel comfortable and make big mouth. Our minister of health one day was saying no money to pay new doctors and nurses but one gov’t official making bucket and gas slip stealing cannot finish. Your ain’t got roads but want to drive big cars in Liberia how long your think those big cars would last? I know the gov’t will buy new cars every year but no money for JFK Hospital.

    • D.W; Nimba Co is blessed with with good roads building/maintenance MACHINES; sitting “IDLE” for lack of “MAINTAINANCE”. What happens to the County’s Road Maintenance Money, within the County’s BUDGET? Let’s make roads maintenance a responsibility of the Counties. How about that?

  3. This country amazes me everyday. During good weather, those bitches sit their asses down doing nothing. Revenue my foot. Do you know how to collect revenue? This is just the tip of the iceberg. In 2018 another salvage, blind, bush group will role in and the worst will unfold.. Liberia is doomed.

  4. Whatever happened to the YELLOW MACHINES that were purchased for the building and upkeep of the roads? Did I read, at one time, that Mr. John Youboty was contracted to build and maintain the roads in the county?

  5. It is shameful that the government has no interest in fixing the road where revenues are generated. Where are all the revenues going or being deposited? For God’s sake at least some should have been allocated or set aside for road maintenance. What is actually wrong with the government? ,There will be no revenues if the road is not maintained.

  6. Part of the problems with roads maintenance in Nimba County or for that matter Liberia, is the poor maintainance of “ROADS BUILDING MACHINES”. Besides, there is an allocation in every County’s BUDGET; for “ROADS REPAIRS/MAINTAINANCE. Let’s ask Counties’ Officials, what happens, to their Road Maintenance Money? Since the Tolbert-Administration, Nimba and other Counties have had a BATCH of good quality roads building/maintenance MACHINES assigned. Thosee good MACHINES are SITTING-IDLE; some almost brand new but lack of MAINTAINANCE. With good maintenace, a “CATERPILLAR”, D8 and many other ROADS BUILDING MACHINES will last an average of 20 years or better; as per EXPERTS’ opinions. In certain parts of the World, you will find TRACTORS that are over 20 years; still running, in good working orders. Let’s maintain our roads building/maintenance MACHINES very well. They will serve us just as well… For Heaven’s sake, Lady Sirleaf/U.P, can not be the cause of every problems in Liberia. Get Real! Make ROADS REPAIRS/MAINTAINANCE, the responsibilities of the Counties. That’s what Local Government is about…


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