‘Bad Road Hampering Plank Industry’


-Head of plank dealers’ association

By Chris F. Pewu (Intern)

The chair of the Light Brother Wood Incorporated in Paynesville, which is an association of plank dealers, has said that due to the bad road networks in the country, the local plank industry has suffered a serious setback in transporting the sawed timber to the market.

Charles C. Harris said it is about time that the government sees reason to ensure that the members of the association have access to feeder roads so that their products are brought to the market.

Another difficulty the association is faced with, according to Mr. Harris, is the US$60 cents the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) imposed on each sawed plank being transported to the market.

Harris said that the US$60 cents fee levied by the FDA has worsened the industry’s challenges to the extent that the members are contemplating on leaving most of the already sawed planks in the bush and finding something else to do as a  means of survival.

Mr. Harris appealed to the government to come to the aide of the Light Brother Association by reconditioning  the destroyed feeder roads where the planks are being sawed and also to prevail on the FDA to reduce the US$60 cents levied on each of the sawed planks.

The secretary-general, Albert S. Simgbah, commended the government through the FDA management for allowing them as collaborating partners of the wood sawyers’ association to make their contribution to the nation’s building process.


  1. Why the fuck r u dumbasses letting the trees get cut? This won’t help the gdp whatsoever. The leadership is beyond corrupt. Want to be like America so bad.

  2. Come on Edward
    Calm down man. Look Ed, I totally agree that deforestation will eventually rid us of the benefits a rain forest. But, look at it in two wsys:
    (1) The poor people have to eat. Those who have been charged with the responsibility to improve the quality of living in Liberia for the people have neglected to do so. It’s another question as to whether they are self-centered or incompetent or both and

    (2) The national government of Liberia has never considered infrastructural development a top priority. Motor roads are needed. Leaders ride in airplanes, not motor roads. They do not give a hoot!

    It’s not just Ellen Johnson Sirleaf! It’s been Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her predecessors!
    So, I understand your frustration, but desist from the use of invectives…..the F word is not good.


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