Bad Road Halts Normal Activities in Nimba

Bad Road1.jpg

Bad road conditions owing to torrential rain have halted normal activities across Nimba County.
The road connecting Ganta to Sanniquellie is at the point of closure due to its deplorable condition, while the Ganta-Saclepea road has also become terrible to the extent that vehicles that normally take at most 25 to 30 minutes can no longer cope with the danger of the mud and the overflowing smaller creeks along the route.
For example, the Yah and Leiee rivers along the route have both overflowed their banks, causing transportation fares and prices of other essential commodities to rise.
As a result of the situation, our correspondent reports that prices of goods and services have shot up in other parts of the county outside the commercial City of Ganta.
For now, the transportation fare from Ganta to Saniiquellie has gone up from L$300 to L$500, while a commercial motorcycle is collecting from passengers L$700 per person, a leap from L$300.
The price of Liberia’s staple food, rice, has also gone up in towns and villages, while at the same time, prices of local commodities are gradually rising.
“We are purchasing a 25kg bag of rice for L$1750 since the road started becoming bad, but before then, the highest price of rice in Saclepea was around L$1500 depending on the rice type,” a female marketer remarked.
In places like Yekepa and Karnplay in the northern part of the county, prices of rice have also gone up high owing to the same road condition.
“My goods spent almost one week on the road between Saclepea and Tappita, so I need to increase the price to make profit,” said one of the traders in Tappita.
At the moment, United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) Bangladeshi Engineer Contingent along with the Senegalese Road Building Firm based in the county are helping to repair some of puddles, but the exercise requires time and the help of sunshine.


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