Bad Road Conditions Cause Price Hikes

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The major highway to Robertsport in Grand Cape Mount County is in a deplorable state making the commute a horrific experience. The bad road, according to commuters, has resulted in the increase in transport fares and the price of commodities.

For example, county residents bemoaned the price of a 25 kilogram bag of rice, previously sold at L$1,650, and now going for L$1,750. Transport fare from Monrovia to Robertsport as of Wednesday, August 3 increased to L$550 from L$450. Other commodities affected are cement previously sold for L$900 and is now L$1,050; and a gallon of gas sold for L$400 a week ago, but is now going for L$475.

Travellers to the county told the Daily Observer that what used to be a two-hour journey from Monrovia to Robertsport now takes three to four hours and forty five minutes due to the terrible condition of the road.

Some sections of the roads in Bomi and Cape Mount counties have deteriorated to the extent that there are huge potholes and mud pools that challenge the sturdiest vehicles and make the trip extremely difficult and dangerous.

Several commercial drivers spoke of the urgent need to rehabilitate the highway.

Driver William Kaizolu said he spends a considerable amount of money on repairs and maintenance of his vehicle as a result of the deplorable condition of the highway.

“I’m appealing to the Ministry of Public Works to fix the bad roads and the highway,” Mr. Kaizolu said.

In support of Kaizolu, Mohammed Pasawee – whose 14-seater bus suffered a mechanical breakdown because of the road – and businesswoman Martha Freeman want the government to fix the highway and bad roads in Robertsport.

“We need our government to fix the highway to encourage businesses to grow,” Madam Freeman said.


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