Backlash Against Miss Liberia’s Post in Support of R Kelly

Miss Liberia, Wokie Dolo

Miss Liberia Wokie Dolo has shocked many local women’s rights advocates with her support for embattled singer R. Kelly, who has been accused of multiple counts of sexual abuse.

In an Instagram post, Wokie Dolo, who still wears the Miss Liberia title since she won the crown in 2017, posted a photo of R. Kelly, less than three days after the R&B singer was released on bail with the caption ‘more love’.

The R&B star has been accused of 10 charges of aggravated criminal and sexual abuse against four women, three of whom were minors at the time, but denied the charges against him.

R. Kelly has faced decades of sexual abuse claims without being convicted and has denied all previous allegations.

When asked by the Daily Observer to give further clarity on the photo in a phone interview, Ms. Dolo said: I’m not in the mood to respond to that question.”

In an Instagram post, the 2017 Miss Liberia posted a photo of R. Kelly, less than three days after the R&B singer was released on bail with the caption ‘more love’.

However, despite her lack of clarity on the post, several prominent women rights advocate, including Gboko Stewart and Tamba J. Johnson, who are both HeForShe advocates, including other female entertainers, have condemned Ms. Dolo’s action, describing her post as ‘reckless.’

A female celebrity, who spoke to this paper on condition of anonymity, has branded the former Miss Liberia’s post as an insult to the victims of the R&B superstar’s alleged acts.

“I don’t know what she was thinking about; her action is totally unacceptable and disgraceful. It is a direct insult to these victims and a way of branding them lairs. I strongly condemn the miss Liberia action and called on her to apologize to the victims,” the female singer said.

The controversial post appears to have since been taken down.

As for Mr. Stewart, who is a long time supporter of Ms. Dolo, he described her Facebook post as out of order and a total disrespect to all the women who are victims of sexual abuse.

“For someone like Ms. Dolo to be supporting pedophilia is totally shocking and unbelievable. As a female, she is supposed to be championing the cause of nonviolence against women but instead chooses not to do so,” Mr. Stewart said, adding: “I’m disappointed in her and demand that she make a public apology for such a post. Her action is a total disrespect to the title she holds and needs to be dealt with.”

For Mr. Tamba, the post by Miss Liberia clear shows that she does not care about the plights of women and girls who are being sexually abused on a daily basis.

“What Wokie has done is a clear manifestation that she has never cared about the fight to prevent violence against women, although she professes to do so. Now we know that she has been insincere in her advocacy towards the plight of women and girls who have been sexually abused,” Mr. Tamba said.


  1. Maybe Miss Liberia knows something that the rest of you don’t know. How easy can you people be persuaded to destroy your own. America has a long standing history of character assassination of black men. Lets start with the recent: Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, R Kelly, Chris Brown (they’re still fighting to destroy Chris Brown but will eventually succeed). What amazes me is that White male are doing worse things but not once will we ever see one prosecuted and charge with wrong doing.

    Take a look at the so called International Criminal Court (ICC), it almost appears only Africans (majority) and Arabs are criminals because the history of the ICC shows only Africans and Arabs getting prosecuted for so called crime against humanity. Not once have we every seen a white made or female brought to light for wrong doing.

    How long was it, MoreThanMe founded was allowing young black girls get molested by a white man under her supervision but you still allow your children to go out matching for her, right? Let he/she thats without sin throw the first stone at R Kelly.

    Maybe Miss Liberia point is not that R Kelly is not guilty. And maybe R Kelly is quity but we should not join hands with evil to bring justice. Maybe Miss Liberia point is that we should be the judge of our own people and not letting others stir us up into throwing stones at out own. When the very same people who are judging R Kelly are guilty of worser crimes that they’ll never get charged for.

  2. I do not think Ms Dolo read the entire store before posting. It happens a lot when most people see a post they will jyst write Amen with out reading the entire story. I apologize onbehalf of Ms Dolo

  3. That,s right no doc u series on Harvey weistein or Kevin Spacey and it won,t be because those people stick together they said they would sing like a bird if they are prosecuted let see what happens with them.I say take your hands of R.Kelly

  4. Miss Liberia pls humble yourself and respond to the allegations level against u, we want to get clearity from side.


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