BACHT to Verify Reports of Measles Outbreak


Kpogbarn Statutory District #4 Superintendent Mr.Garmondeh has confirmed the outbreak of the measles in Gorgbarn Town.

He made the revelation during an interview with this newspaper.

He said the disease has already claimed the lives of three children, and may likely infect other children in the area if nothing is done to prevent it from spreading to other children, pregnant women and adults in the area.

The statutory district superintendent is appealing to the Grand Bassa County Health Team (BACTH) to intervene and prevent the disease from spreading.

When contacted, the Clinical Advisor, John Geedeh, and the Child Survivor Officer, Beyan Peters, of the BACTH confirmed the outbreak of measles in the county, but clarified that through the Ministry of Health a measles vaccination drive in the affected communities of Districts 1,2,3,4 and 5 is already being conducted.

They pointed out that the three children referred to in Gorgbarn Town, District #4 might have died from measles before BACTH carried out the recent measles vaccination drive in the county.

‘’However, we will go back to Gorgbarn Town to do an assessment and if there is still measles in that town we will carry out another vaccine drive to combat the disease,’’ they assured the citizens of the district.

In a related development, Geedeh and Peters denied knowledge of three persons reportedly affected by leprosy in Kpogbarn Statutory District #4, but promised to also conduct another assessment in the area, adding that if the information is true, they will inform the Ministry of Health for redress.

Those affected with leprosy – a disease which forms silvery scales on one’s skin and eats away affected parts – in Borgbarn Town, Kpogbarn Statutory District #4, are Junior Quito, Morris Giah and Esther Vonzeai.

Explaining his ordeal to this newspaper recently in Borgbarn Town, Junior Quito said he contracted the disease in 1996 but did not know it was leprosy until it consumed his fingers and toes.

The second leprosy victim, Esther Vonzeai, narrated that she fell victim to leprosy in 2001 while residing in Buchanan, adding that she observed that her toes and fingers were literally eaten up by the disease.

She recounted that she went to the Liberian Government Hospital in Buchanan for medical checkup after noticing her condition, but that unfortunately the health practitioners at the hospital only gave her penicillin, telling her that they did not see any symptoms or signs of leprosy.

The third leprosy victim, Morris Giah, said that he could not remember the year he contracted leprosy, adding that he only discovered that his toes and fingers disappeared, just like his friends in his home town.


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