Baba Shabu Opens Art House Today

"Beware of Leopard Tracks", a piece from the "18 Gates" collection within the Shabu @ 90 Exhibition

Renowned Liberian painter, Baba Shabu will today open his long-awaited exhibition at the newly-established Art House on UN Drive, Mamba Point, central Monrovia, which is one of the several activities in commemoration of the painter’s upcoming 90 birthday.

The exhibition titled “Shabu@90” will start today at 5:30 p.m. with display of several collections of paintings ranging from: The Namuna Cloth; The 18 Gates; Erotique Noire; and Hidden Segments which are stand-alone pieces, and inspirational ones.

Today’s exhibition which is the biggest Shabu event this decade, is about maintaining the spirit of the Liberian arts renaissance which has been a lifelong work of Baba Shabu.

“What we about to do is part of our efforts to continue the Liberian Arts Renaissance, the rebirth of Liberian Arts,  in order to maintain the progress made,” Baba Shabu said.

A tapestry from the Namuna Cloth collection within the upcoming Shabu @ 90 Exhibition

At last, in Baba Shabu’s ninetieth year, the supporters, the paintings, the textiles, and even the music have come together in the perfect space – The Art House.

All these elements have been able to bolster the dream of Liberian arts connoisseur, Emmett Williams, to establish a space that will “promote contemporary African artists, celebrate the continent’s rich art history, and advance appreciation of the arts for generations to come.”

The exhibition, dubbed “Shabu@90”, will witness musical performances from one of his daughters, Kunbi Shabu. Kunbi who as co-directs an African dance company in the United States will team up with famous Liberian musicians, including Zack Roberts, who is one of the voices behind the famous “Sweet Liberia” for a joint performance.

“It is about time we all come together and join hands to give our Arts Renaissance the biggest boost so far,”  he said.


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