AXHIS Eyes 50,000 Affordable and Affluent Housing Units for Liberia

Hon. Cecelia Cuffy Brown, NHA MD (left) and AXHIS technical team along-side NHA technical team

The National Housing Authority (NHA), according to the Act that established it, among others, is charged to build affordable and affluent communities for Liberians.

The NHA has received a technical team from AXHIS, a construction firm from neighboring Burkina-Faso, for the provision of 50,000 affordable and affluent communities in Liberia, nation-wide.

According to a press release from the NHA, AXHIS will construct 5,000 affordable and affluent communities in phase one, as modalities are currently being worked out with the NHA technical team for project commencement date, at absolutely NO cost to the Government of Liberia through the National Housing Authority.

Making the disclosure at the NHA on Wednesday, August 7, 2019, the Managing Director, Madam Cecelia Cuffy Brown, said, as a result of the mandate from the President to attract investment opportunities to Liberia, the NHA has entered into negotiations with a Burkina Faso firm (AXHIS) and has agreed for the provision of affordable and affluent communities in Liberia.

Madam Brown also informed the Technical team delegation at NHA that President George Manneh Weah feels passionate about the their visit as it will address the housing situation in the country and therefore mandated the NHA to work along with investment partners to make sure that there is some relief in the shortest possible time for the people of Liberia.

She further narrated that development in the housing sector will also create job opportunities for many youths and will provide related services which will support the efficient delivery of commercial real estate and affordable housing.

Hon. Brown believes that with the speed at which offers are being sent from international partners and housing estate companies, it will not be too long when the government’s objective is realized with affordable and affluent communities for the Liberian people.

Madam Brown said the Government, through the NHA and AXHIS came up with a tripartite agreement with the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment, for cash deposit/downpayment, as the rest is expected to be paid through a mortgage agreement with the LBDI for 10 years.

The head of the AXHIS’ Technical team, Mr. Traore Moulaye Amadou, said the NHA and President Weah’s initiatives have been welcomed by his company and narrated further that they are “not surprised at President Weah’s passionate support to change the lives of ordinary Liberians, given his humble lifestyle.”

He added: “President Weah is a leader who cares about others and that is why we have come to Liberia to help him get his dream. Accordingly, my company is prepared to provide more than 50,000 affordable housing units nationwide, in line with President George Manneh Weah government’s Pro-poor Agenda.”

Mr. Amadou further acknowledged the ties between the two sisterly countries as members of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and, if all goes well, his company will place more focus on the F3 category of housing units that will be affordable by Liberians.

“F3” is a French real estate term (Burkina Faso is Francophone) referring to houses that have a living room and 2 bedrooms, which could be the bottom threshold for Liberian families aiming to afford a home without the expense of building one from scratch. More affluent categories would be labeled, F4 (3 bedrooms) or F5 (4 bedrooms).

Mr. Amadou further said if this objective is met it will help the Government in addressing the acute shortage of housing needs in Liberia.



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