Aware Int’l School Students Identify with 3 Orphanages

Aware Students (right) present supplies including rice, copy books, tissue, soap, and clothing to children at orphanages around Paynesville.

In the manifestation of reflecting new thoughts towards fellow men as Jesus resurrected with new life-giving hope to mankind, students of the Aware International School, an Indian-run institution were moved by the virtue of love to distribute food, educational materials, and non-food items to three orphanages in Montserrado County District#6 as a way of identifying with the less fortunate during the Easter.

Beneficiary orphanages were the American for African Adoption (AFAA) Inc, in Duport road, the Francis  Orphanage Home on the GSA Road, and Love the Children Orphanage Home in the VOA Community along the RIA road.

Items donated included rice, copy books, tissue, soaps clothing among others.

Presenting the items on behalf of the students at separate locations,  Alvin B. Sharpe of the eleventh-grade class said the donation was the students’ own initiative to reach out to less fortunate kids during the Easter season.

“We collected these items to show to you that we love you and that you are in our hearts, and we will always identify with you,” Student Sharpe explained the nature of the gifts.

Receiving the items, the administrators in separate remarks thanked the students and the school for identifying with the children.

For Mrs. Oretha James, Executive Director of AFAA, wept in tears of joy that her institution can be remembered by students of another school.

Mrs. James expressed disappointment over the failure of the government to provide support to her orphanage home.

“I am so much filled with joy that you can remember us, and that the students can remember their friends who are in difficult situations,” Mrs. James said.

In his intervention, Gopinnadhan Pillai, Chairman of the school board of directors, lauded the students’ initiative to assist the less fortunate children in the country.

Mr. Pillai, an Indian national, said his heart was deeply grieving over the conditions of the children, assuring the orphanage homes that this was just the beginning of his institution’s support to the kids.

“This is the beginning of our relationship and we will always try to identify with you and your children. Call upon us whenever you need us,” Pillai said. 


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