‘Aware Int’l School Making Leaders that Will Lead by Example’


-Says Principal Beena Gopinnadhan

The Principal of Aware International School, an Indian-run institution, says discipline and good morals remain one of the rigid cultures of her institution, challenging parents, guardians and stakeholders to help efforts to instill discipline in their children.

Mrs. Beena Gopinnadhan believes that without discipline, knowledge may likely become harmful to the society, adding, “Aware believes in making leaders that will lead by good example. This is the way to secure a better future for Liberia.”

Madam Gopinnadhan made the assertion on Friday, April 5, 2019 at the 6th Annual Day Celebration and Confluence 2019.

Aware International School students displaying cultural performance

She explained that in their efforts to breed talents while students focus on academics, “we have introduced active clubs that serve as a means of recreation for students.”

The clubs, she said, include of science and nature clubs, karate club, press club, music club, and drama.

She disclosed that her school is a fully fledged institution providing quality education from day-care to Grade 12 and “we are proud that we have come this far.”

This, according to the principal, is in line with the school’s mission to provide quality education in the country. “We have introduced two areas of discipline in our school’s secondary education.  These disciplines are science education and art and commercial education.”

These new disciplines, she noted, are intended to create early career path for all students in the areas of their strength and interest.

“In addition we have introduced free elective subjects: further mathematics, basic electronics, cost accounting and business management, which will help our students in their academic careers. We have more elective courses next academy year,” the principal said.

Students of Aware International School performing at the school’s Annual Day program

Grand Gedeh County District # 2 Representative, Dr. George Boley, who served guest speaker, praised the students for what he considered as “brilliant academics and extra academic performances.

The lawmaker said the parents made no mistake to enroll their children in the school, because the institution is providing diversify education to the students.

Dr. Boley also challenged the parents to take the responsibility for their children very seriously because the students are the future of the country. And only quality education would help them discover their potentials in life.

On the issue of sub-standard institution, Boley said he would engage the Ministry of Education to ensure that those sub-standard institutions were closed or made to improve their facilities.

Earlier, Gopinnadhan Pillai, chairman of the school board of directors, disclosed that they have agreed to award scholarship to best overall student for academic performance. He meanwhile awarded scholarship to three children of the late Milton W. Dole. They include: Ignatius P Dole Kindergarten-one; Alfred Dole, kindergarten-one; and Mardeay Dole of the second grade class.


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