Aware Int’l School Dedicates Modern Building

Students at the dedicatory ceremony of their new school. building

Attorney Moses Soribah says ‘new building’ will make real difference in the lives of students.

Attorney Moses Soribah has expressed his admiration of quality education as evidenced by the dedication of a modern school building at Aware International School.

Soribah spoke of the long-standing commitment of the staffs and faculty through a variety of programs that are supporting the country’s education sector.

Atty. Soribah is the current president of the Parents Teacher Association (PTA) of the school. He said the construction of the new academic facility is a “dream” that he hopes will make a real difference in the lives of students and the community.

He also  expressed optimism that the “new home” would play an equally important role in the lives of students, faculty and staffs.

Soribah made the statement recently at a program marking the cutting of ribbon and official dedicatory ceremony at the campus of the school, situated in the GSA Road Community, Paynesville.

Aware is an Indian-run institution that incorporates diverse cultural exchanges and is known for its excellence.

“I’d like to thank the principal and faculty for their remarkable generosity and commitment towards imparting knowledge to the future generation,” said Soribah.

He meanwhile pledged his leadership and determination to supporting Aware Initiative by training teachers to improve the quality of education in the country, “because I am convinced that education is the surest way of development.”

“The opening of this very special building starts an important new chapter in Aware’s history,” the principal of the school, Mrs. Bena Gopinah, said.

The building features classrooms, a well-furnished laboratory, dozens of textbooks as well as places where students can gathering.

In addition to the conference rooms for student groups, the building features a modern executive boardroom.

The school boasts of abundance of natural light and interactive classrooms that are designed to evolve through the decades, granting reconfiguration of spaces as the campus population and its needs would allow.

“By giving back to the community, Aware is encouraging and inspiring others to follow our example,” the principal said.

“We are honored to help empower tomorrow’s leaders to improve their respective communities,” she said.


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