Aware International School Student Wins Creative Writing Contest

Creative writing winner Jedidiah, delightfully displays her certificate.

A 15-year old eleventh grade student of the Aware International School was a proud winner of the poetry category of the annual short story and poetry writing competition organized by the SFI Write Liberia.

Student Jedidiah A. Koubiessi was announced winner on Saturday, December 12 after careful deliberation by the judges.

She took the first place cash prize of LD$60,000 Liberian dollars for her poem, “The Gift.”

In an interview with journalists on Tuesday, December 29, at the Aware International School campus on the GSA Road in Paynesville, Jedidiah said her poem was about a gift her grandmother gave her in these few words of advice, “This life is a roller coaster.  Make it worth your time as you live in this world.”

Jedidiah further explained that her poem, The Gift, was indeed special and it taught her values and lessons with three hands moving sequentially. “It is a gift fit for every person.”

Jedidiah disclosed that she was among 30 students who applied for the poetry category out of which 15 persons’ submissions including hers was accepted by the organizer.

“It was from the 15 students that I was declared a winner,” Jedidiah who desires to be a pilot explained.

She, meanwhile, used the opportunity to call on her peers, majority of whom are school of going age, to take their lesson very seriously because according to her, they are the future leaders.

She also disclosed that her best subjects in school are Mathematics and English.

The poem winner said that it was not her first time participating in the poem writing contest. “I participated before and came as the first winner and now I am again being declared the first winner,” Jedidiah joyfully said.

According to her, she devoted her time to the poem writing and that made her to become the first winner of the competition.

“I gave my time to it and I will always be doing it to see myself to top,” Student Jedidiah said as she also praised her school for helping her to reach her desired goals.

In his intervention, the vice principal of the school, Ibitayo A. Tewe, described Jedidiah as the “Pride of Aware International School.”

He also reminded the students to take every opportunity very seriously when they come across.

“You have to take advantage of what comes your way like student Jedidiah who has brought pride to our school,” the Aware International School vice principal admonished his students.

He revealed that his school has two departments that include Science and Arts.

“This is why we are encouraging our students to go into any of these departments and to be like Jedidiah who has been taking her Science department very seriously that made her a pride of our school.”


  1. And so? How is that relevant to Liberian society? Abednego you are as high quality writer and this is awful. She was one of 15 students. I can see if she was one of 444 or one of 200 but one of 15? Please tell me that you did not attend the school of journalism. If you did, you must have missed the lesson on RELEVANCE

    • WHAT IS THE RELEVANCE, do you have a heart? How can you react to the achievement of such an innocent angel in such manner? I really cannot imagine how would ones immaterial faculties (intellect, sensibilities, will, and conscience) react in such manner!

      CONGRATULATIONS Jedidiah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your name has been written by DESTINY to become a Minister of Education of the Republic of Liberia, and subsequently, Liberia’s Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations, and who knows Chief Justice of Liberia!

      Once again,
      CONGRATULATIONS Jedidiah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • True Nationalist,

        Welcome back. It is hoped that all is well with you and your family and that the New

        Year found you all in good health. Truth be told, I was missing you a bit, not too much


        We dont know what 2021 has in store for us all, but what i can say with certainty is that

        this year promises to be a good one. I have no choice but to think so because 2020 left

        us battered and bruised and yet, we are still standing. A testament to our resilience.

        Thank you,Sir.

  2. This is A HUMAN INTEREST STORY! So, it is more than relevant to the Liberian society in particular, and to the African continent in general! This child‘s achievement is A STIMULANT AND A PRIDE for many other girls, and for Liberia as a nation! Whether she was one of two or one of one, does not matter! What matters is that she has brought to Liberia, and her achievement is bund to encourage many other girls towards education!

  3. What matters is that she has brought PRIDE to Liberia, and her achievement is bound to encourage many other girls towards education!

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