Averting Potential Breakdown in Operations at Buchanan Port


­Resolving the consequences of port congestion is critically important to create pace, ensure efficient operations and growth in international maritime trade. For instance, a high volume of container or logs imports/exports, and increasing vessel navigation− berthing and unberthing will require ports to maneuver larger volumes of cargo within a given window of time.

Hence, addressing  the nightmare  of  congestion and other potential maritime risk  related  issues isn’t vital only for Liberia’s  port gateways, but, it is  also a paramount national objective that helps solves the challenges  of  logistics,  loading, and unloading of cargo that  strains the terminal operator’s ability to provide avenues to maintain operations across all of its facilities.

For many decades, the Port of Buchanan, Liberia’s second largest seaport located 272 kilometers southeast of Monrovia, has faced the brunt of congestion-related complications especially with the existence of a deplorable warehouse that became a major security threat to save vessel berthing due to its close proximity to the main commercial loading quay.

The Quay/Pier of the Buchanan port was encumbered by an old warehouse which posed a major impediment to port operations especially log loading.

But, In an effort to improve efficiency and reduce turn-around time for vessels in order to make operations faster, the NPA Management has demolished this warehouse and level the land space, so as to allow free space for log loading equipment to maneuver easily.

The existence of the old warehouse closed to the  Buchanan port main pier prior to demolition hindered fast operations thereby creating blockage and long waiting lines for trucks arriving to pick up cargos.

Considering that efficient port operations are the linchpin to enhancing trade facilitation and boost the status of businesses as reliable exporters and trading partnership, stockholders including shipping agencies have expressed gratitude to the Celia Cuffy-Brown led Administration of the National Port Authority for adverting what would be a total breakdown in operation at the Port Buchanan.

It was observed that the deplorable warehouse, built in the 70s, was at a near collapsed and would have caused major damage to the 1,890 meters and 590 meters long pier  or vessel and further  render the port of Buchanan  economically dead with no remittance in revenue to NPA coffers had management not taken the actions to fend off the situation.

The deplorable demolished warehouse was no longer useful for revenue generation owing to the aging life; thus making it necessary to level the space to enhanced operations.

The port users/stakeholders praised Madame Brown and her team of co-administrators at the NPA for being proactive in preserving the economic potential of Port of Buchanan as it is one of the main gateways and revenue hubs to the country’s economy.


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