Australia, UAE Investors in Liberia for Investment Opportunities

Andrew T. Forrest (seated, center) of Australia, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Forescue Mining Company and Liberia's Justice Minister Cllr. F. Musa Dean signed the communique' on Sunday in Monrovia.

— Sign communiqué  

Sheikh Ahmed Dolmook Al MakToum of the Royal family of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) along with his delegation and Andrew T. Forrest of Australia, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Forescue Mining Company, which is reported to be the fourth largest mining company in the world have signed a communique to invest in Liberia.

Trokon Kpui, Minister of State Without Portfolio, told newsmen on Sunday, July 14, 2019 at Roberts International Airport (RIA) upon the arrival of the investors that the delegation is interested in exploring investment opportunities in the country.

Minister Kpui said the private and public sectors are in Liberia to scope out opportunities to explore and invest.

According to Mr. Kpui, Sheikh Al MakToum currently runs an office that is interested in doing business in Liberia.

At the signing ceremonies held at President George M. Weah Villas on the Robertsfield highway, government officials from different ministries and agencies were seen engaging the members of the delegation.

Mr. Kpui said the Royal Family member’s visit is in furtherance to President Weah’s visit to UAE.

Andrew T. Forrest, Chief Executive Officer of FORESCUE told reporters that his visit is aimed at helping the children of Liberia and ensuring that Liberia does not suffer slavery from other nations.

“I want to ensure that the young people have economic opportunities and remain excited to assist Liberia develop its economy,” Mr. Forrest said.

According to Mr. Forrest, he is prepared to do business with Liberia if given the chance by the Liberian government, stating that “this will allow me to visit Liberia three to four times a year.”

He said investing in Liberia by one of the world’s leading companies will be seen as a milestone for the country, describing his company as the world’s best mining company.

Mr. Forrest said his decision to invest in Liberia will be seen as an eye-opener for other investors in the world.

Mr. Forrest was ranked within the top ten richest Australians. He was the richest person in Australia in 2008.

In 2013, Forrest and his wife, Nicola, were the first Australians to pledge the majority of their wealth to charity in their lifetimes.

He had earlier stepped down as CEO of Fortescue Metals in 2011 in order to spend more time on philanthropic pursuits.

Much of his philanthropy has been through either the Minderoo Foundation (focusing on education and Indigenous Australians) or the Walk Free Foundation (focusing on ending modern slavery), both of which he established.

In 2014, Forrest and his wife, Nicola, pledged $65 million over 10 years through the Minderoo Foundation, establishing the Forrest Research Foundation to offer scholarships to students pursuing a PhD at a Western Australian university.


  1. I will appreciate it, if we can get investors to come do mechanized rice farming and other cash crops so we can have enough for ourselves and be able to export some overseas. With rice being our staple food and so many Liberians overseas, we could purchase Liberia produced parboil rice and other produce such as banana, pineapple, papaya (pawpaw) etc etc . UAE is in the desert. They need food and our soil is rich, therefore them to bring their equipments and agriculture expatriates so we can work together and export food to the middle east. I am tired of people coming to do mining . They could do both.


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