Australia, Italy, Vietnam, Others Accredit Ambassadors to Liberia

President Weah receives Letters of Credence from Italian Ambassador Stefano Lo Savio. jpg

Several countries, among them Australia, Italy, Botswana, Vietnam, Guinea Bissau and Thailand, have each accredited their respective ambassadors to Liberia.

This development came just a day after President George Weah received letters of credence from six ambassadors from three continents; another batch of six ambassadors similarly followed with impressive exchange of friendly pleasantries.

The six ambassadors, who on Friday, January 25, 2019, presented their letters of credence to President Weah, bring to 12 within a week the number of diplomats announcing their arrival and assignment in the country.

The latest ambassadors who have promised to strengthen and expand diplomatic ties with Liberia come from Australia, Thailand, Guinea Bissau, Italy, Botswana and Vietnam.

While receiving the diplomats at intervals, President Weah expressed heartfelt gratitude to their respective governments and peoples for seeing the need to consolidate their relationships with Liberia.

The President said he was convinced the presence of these countries in Liberia would yield substantial mutual benefits for Liberia and their respective countries.

In his welcome remark to Australia Ambassador, Andrew Barnes, the first to present his Letters of Credence on Friday, February 1, 2019, the President expressed gratitude to have him in the country, and that he looked forward to building a more cordial and beneficial relationship with Australia.

“I hope your coming will help strengthen our relationship,” President Weah said, adding: “Liberia and Australia’s ties have come a long way, and it is my hope that we will work together for the benefit of our two nations.”

The Australian Diplomat said it was an honor representing his country in Liberia, which he said has enormous potential to flourish economically.

“Our relationship with Liberia has been strong and excellent,” Amb. Barnes said.

He disclosed plans by Australian firms to invest in the country, particularly in the area of mining.

Also presenting his Letters of Credence, Ambassador Aroon Jivasakapimas of Thailand, recounted fond memories of Liberia as a country of good hospitality.

Amb. Jivasakapimas assured that his country’s ties with Liberia will boost bilateral cooperation.

In the same vein, Guinea Bissau Envoy Ernesto Muntaga Jalo praised the diplomatic ties between Liberia and his country, noting that President Weah, who did not need an introduction, was truly an inspiration to the African continent.

He said President Weah made enormous contributions to the continent which cannot be ignored.

Amb. Jalo said President Weah’s leadership will help move Liberia forward.

Diplomat Stefano Lo Savio of Italy said his country and Liberia’s relations have come a long way, and in the best interest of peoples of two countries.

Amb. Savio said the Italian government has interest to invest in Liberia’s oil and gas sector.

For Ambassador Pule Batimanki Mphothwe of Botswana, Liberia and Botswana share things in common. He therefore expressed the hope that the ties between the two countries will garner enormous strength.

Also presenting his Letters of Credence, Ambassador Pham Anh Tuan of Vietnam said Liberia and his country will benefit from diplomatic relations.

The presentation of letters of credence was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office of the President.


  1. This is a great news Mr. president! Bravo on your efforts to bring changes . We hope for more bilateral relationship with other developed and developing nations because this will help move the country development goals two steps forward most especially the tourism sector! It is time for Liberians to apply for visa right in their own country instead of flying to neighboring countries for visa application! If you you do the maths, the accommodations spend on flights, hotels, food and transportation you will realize how much money we are losing to our neighbors which could help boom our economy and attract more investors/foreign guests and etc. Mr. President we will keep you in prayers for God’s wisdoms. My advice to you Mr president is to avoid negative minded people who will lead the country to retrogression. Kindly put our country first and last in all the Pro- poor agendas! Liberia is all we have together let us make it great 👍🏾!!!!!!!!!!


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