Aureus Mining Fights Ebola in Cape Mount

Visitors and workers at Aureus going through the routing_web.jpg

In line with its social and corporate responsibilities, Aureus Mining has embarked on a methodological effort to help fight the Ebola malady in Grand Cape Mount County.

Towards this end, Aureus has given 42 buckets and chlorine to Gola Konneh and 21 buckets and chlorine and other anti-Ebola materials to Tewor districts respectively.

The company has also donated 200 gallons of fuel and four begs of rice to Radio Cape Mount and Radio Salim to facilitate their work in spreading anti-Ebola messages in Grand Cape Mount County. Most citizens in Cape Mount are ardent listeners to the two community radio stations that essentially broadcast in the Vai and Gola vernaculars.

Aureus is an active member of the Cape Mount County Ebola Response Team. As member of the team, Aureus has given assorted anti-Ebola materials and Personal Protective Equipment to the county health team to help in the fight against the Ebola scourge.

As part of measures to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus in the company’s catchment area, Aureus has established and is implementing the appropriate precautionary measures and contingency plans to ensure the company, its employees, contractors and visitors are not placed under unnecessary risk.

Anyone entering the company’s premises will have to go through routine hand washing and temperature test at almost every gate.

Since the outbreak of the deadly Ebola disease, Aureus has maintained full scale operation at the New Liberty Mines in Grand Cape Mount County.

In a related development, Aureus, working in collaboration with Grand Cape Mount County authority and the Liberian government, has built over 320 housing units for residents who were relocated from Old Kinjor to New Kinjor.

Additionally, there is a new housing project made of bricks under construction. This project, undertaken by Aureus, will be turned over to the locals thus bringing each family housing unit to two.

At the New Kinjor, Aureus has built a market hall, a mosque and a church. Sheik Sonii, Media and Community Outreach Officer at Aureus, divulged that plans are underway to complete a clinic and a playground for the New Kinjor residents.

Aureus, Sonii said, has provided hand pumps and other sanitary facilities in New Kinjor to better the lives of the locals and prevent the citizens from contracting the Ebola disease.


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