Atty. Kpargoi Attends Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program

Atty Kpargo.jpg

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) has announced the Officer in Charge of the Liberia Media Center as one of its 2015 – 2016 Reagan-Fascell Fellows. The group also includes Hurford Youth and Visiting Fellows.

An NED press release named Atty. Lamii Kpargoi among fellowship recipients from Egypt, Ethiopia, Hungary, India, Liberia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Tajikistan.

Named in honor of NED’s two principal founders, former US President Ronald Reagan and the late US congressman Dante Fascell, the Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program seeks to expand the knowledge, broaden the perspectives, build the capacity, and boost the morale of some of the world’s most committed and courageous democracy activists and scholars.

The Reagan-Fascell Fellowship program is a highly competitive and prestigious fellowship which allows practitioners and scholars from around the world to spend time in United States’ capital city to do research geared towards improving democracy and governance in their home country.

Based at the International Forum for Democratic Studies, NED’s research and publications arm, in Washington, D.C., the program has enabled over 250 fellows from 90 countries to deepen their understanding of democracy and enhance their ability to work toward democratic change.

While in the United States, Atty. Kpargoi is carrying out research on the topic “Strengthening Democracy in Liberia through Public Access to Information”.

As part of his research, Atty. Kpargoi will publish a policy brief with appropriate recommendations on ways to strengthen the country’s Freedom of Information law and processes.

While in the United States, Atty. Kpargoi is also holding talks with American political, academic and civil society leaders on ways they can assist in strengthening Liberia’s democracy and keeping the country from backsliding to conflict.


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