Atty. Kofi Woods: Bryant’s Quest to Resist Gov’t


Former Public Works Minister, Samuel Kofi Woods, has described late NTGL chairman Charles Gyude Bryant’s wish that government "must not participate in his funeral ceremony" as a "voice of protest from the grave."

Former NTGL chairman Bryant recently passed at the JFK Memorial Hospital in Monrovia as a result of heart failure, doctors confirmed.
Before his death, Bryant drafted his 'will,' and in that document, family sources confirmed, "Bryant does not want the Liberian government’s involvement in his funeral".

Mixed reactions greeted the pronouncement when it was released by the family to the media. Many supported the deceased’s wish while others argued that the responsibility for Bryant’s funeral, as a former statesman, belongs to the government of Liberia; and as such, funeral arrangements should be the responsibility of government along with family members.

Over the weekend, Atty. Woods joined the quest to resist the involvement and presence of government during the funeral.
"If Chairman Bryant had a wish, I say that it should be carried out to the fullest," Atty. Woods declared.

He frowned on critics who argued against politicizing Bryant’s death, noting that former Chairman Bryant lived as a politician. He served as former party chairman and interim head of state of Liberia, another political office; he lived and died as a politician. As such, he said, his death has evoked mixed reactions from members of the public.

“It is expected that events and developments surrounding his demise will be the subject of political debate,” he indicated.

Woods went on to say, “It’s a reality that we need to confront. I say, if Chairman Bryant had a wish, we should respect it because his voice is a protest from the grave. He is raising our consciousness as a nation even in his death. He sends a clear message to this society and leadership about a new value system, about an order gone wrong and about a society on the sad path of reversal. This is a silent protest and former chairman Bryant is saying to you in his sample way, that his legitimacy must come from the Liberian people,” the human rights activist intoned.


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