Atty. Kamara Clarifies Cllr. Kruah’s US$50K Claims


Attorney Fofie Kamara, former sheriff at the Civil Law Court ‘A’ in Monrovia, who is at the center of the disbursement of US$105,339.24 as proceed from the sale of a seized four trucks of rubbers that involved one Edgar Sidney, and his former lawyer, Cllr. Cooper Kruah, now Minister of Post and Telecommunication, has spoken publicly on the matter.

Atty. Kamara claimed that the court got involved into the matter when Cllr. Kruah, on behalf of Sidney, filed an action for proper accountability against Edmonbo Trombo, owner of the International Rubber Trading Incorporated of which, the court ruled in Sidney’s favor in 2010.

Siodney was the owner of Mano Agricultural and Rehabilitation Corporation, but claimed that over US$50,000 of the judgment accrued from the sale of the rubber belonging to Sidney were paid to Cllr. Kruah by Sheriff Kamara in Sidney’s absence, and those monies were expended by Kruah without Sidney‘s knowledge and authorization.

In a telephone conversation about the allegation, Kamara denied the claimed terming it as a total rubbish. What now he had decided to raise the issue after nearly eight years, Kamara wondered.

According to him, Mr. Sidney was present at every step of the rubber sale, adding, “look, Sidney accompanied me to Firestone in Harbel where we managed to arrange about the sale of the rubber,” Kamara alleged.

He also claimed that after the sale of the product, he and Sidney drove back to Cllr. Kruah’s office where he presented the money to him, and both Sidney and Kruah would issued him receipts along with their signatures.

“Many times l paid money to Sidney in the absent of Cllr. Kruah, but Sidney would also issued me receipts. Before Kamara ‘s clarification, Cllr. Kruah and Sidney had entered a contractor agreement of which Kruah was entitled to 20 percent of the US$105, 339.24 as as legal fee.

However, Kruah claimed that he had received only US$5,500 from the US$21,067 out of which Sidney from the various disbursements, received US$51,100 as evidenced by the receipt in the possession of Kamara. A woman identified as Rebecca Eze, one of the parties who brought the trucks from Sierra Leone to Liberia received US$43,314.

Available records, including several receipts reflecting various amounts and dates as of October 21,2016, report of the Supreme Court grievance and ethics committee where Sidney had complained Cllr. Kruah, showed both the cash receipt account of disbursement all contradicted Sidney‘s allegation against Cllr. Kruah.

The remaining payments were made to Cllrs. Nyanti Tuan and Lofan Keneah, who were also represented Sidney at the trial. And the balance was paid to Kamara as court’s charges.


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