Atlantic Resources, Rep. Koffa to Build Schools, Rehabilitate Roads

Mr. Hilary Koffa (L) poses with an executive member of the Atlantic Resources Limited Liberia.

The purpose of collaborating to work together in the leeward counties is most often meaningful when forging a common goal to create a healthy environment by improving infrastructure to include roads and schools.

In an effort to boost government’s promises to address the plight of the poverty-stricken population, especially in the remote part of the country, Atlantic Resources-Liberia (ARL), has agreed to collaborate with Grand Kru County District #2 Representative J. Fonati Koffa to build schools and rehabilitate some of the road networks.

Hilary Koffa, the chief of office staff to Rep. Koffa, informed journalists on Thursday, May 23, 2019 that the ARL will recondition the 4 mile stretch of road from Warkpo to Nyankupo towns.

“The nearly cut-off road has hampered the free movement of goods and services, and most especially, it has caused hike in prices of basic commodities, which sparingly entered the towns,” Hilary said.

He added, “ARL has already moved caterpillars, and other road works equipment on the site, and waiting for the required petroleum products to commence work in the soonest possible time.”

Mr. Koffa also told journalists that the ARL has earlier promised to ably assist in the construction of the Taybue Public Elementary School by providing the required zinc, sand, cement, planks, and steel rods for the project.

In an effort to boost and decentralize education, Mr. Koffa said students attending the Taybue and Sasstown schools, who are currently struggling with the crumbling school buildings, will soon smile for the construction of brand new elementary schools.

To complete the project in time, the ARL has already begun clearing (cutting  down the trees and doing the landscaping) of the acres of lands for the construction of the Chengbetee Public School, while Rep. Koffa will be fully (100%) responsible to erect the school. He is also the chairman of the House Committee on Judiciary.

The construction of the schools and reconditioning of the roads are parts of a ‘comprehensive’ string of diverse projects, totaling US$784,000.

Rep. Koffa had on a previous occasion said that the projects will be executed through the Legislative Special Project (LSP), while his organization – Anteenan and partnership will collaborate to complete the exercise.


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