Atlantic Insurance Company Wants Police Probe Burglary

Atlantic security says its officers arrested Richmond Lackay while trying to jump from the roof of the building to escape.

The management of Atlantic Life and General Insurance Company (ALGIC) has written the Liberia National Police (LNP) to investigate the alleged burglary at its Congo Town office that involved one of its former employees, Richmond Lackay.

The company call to the police came as the result of the reported refusal of the commander at the Zone three police depot to investigate Lackay on grounds that he sustained serious injuries while he being pursued by Atlantic security officers, who later arrested and turned him over to officers of the Liberian National Police (LNP).

The company further said that Lackay was then taking to Zone 3 deport and he was refused, by the duty officer based on grounds that the suspect sustained injured while trying to jump from the third floors of the building.

In their complainant’s statement, copy of which is with the Daily Observer, the insurance company claimed that on Friday, June 8, at about 7: 30 p.m. suspect Lackay hid himself in the building and was locked up while the rest of the employees departed.

When everyone had left for the day, the document claimed, Lackay moved into the ceiling of the third floor and forcibly entered the office of the chief executive officer (CEO) Clemenceau B. Urey, Sr., with the intent to burglarize it.

During that period, the complaint said, Urey decided to send his secretary Jocelia Tubman back to the office to send an e-mail, it was when Urey claimed that Ms. Tubman then observed that someone was in the attic and she later called the security for help.

It was during the search of the office when Lackay was arrested while trying to jump from the roof of the 3-storey building to escape.

When Lackay was arrested he was taken to the Zone three depot for investigation, the commander there, instead of probing the allegation, decided to instruct the insurance company to provide medical treatment for Lackay at the Tappita Hospital, Nimba County, before the police could take charge of the suspect.

The company refused, noting that “Lackay was trying to steal from us so we cannot provide him with the medical treatment,” the complaint said.

“Not only that, but this young man is also going around in the communities spoiling the name of our company that he got injured on job and we don’t want to provide medical care for him,” Urey said in an interview.

Further, the document clarified that Lackay was not an employee of the company, but since the matter was taken to the depot, there has been no attempt there to begin investigation into the matter.

Against this backdrop, the Urey now resolved to officially communicate with National Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue, to visit their office to observe the damage “as a result of the attempted robbery and take the appropriate action on this young man.”

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