‘At No Time Did EPS Flog Anyone In My Presence’


EPS Director distances himself and team from Journalist Zenu Miller’s death

The Executive Protection Service (EPS), a VIP security apparatus that protects the Liberian President and Vice President, has distanced itself from allegation by some friends and family members that it is responsible for the death of journalist Zenu Miller of OK FM.

On Saturday, February 15, the Liberian journalist and talk show host was pronounced dead at the ELWA Hospital following a brief illness. His death came exactly 21 days following a reported scuffle with some officers of the EPS; something the EPS says is not true.

“I hereby reaffirm as Director of the Executive Protection Service, in this sincere and strong term that at no time in my presence, during the just ended County Meet held at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex, did any member of the Executive Protection Service manhandle, flog, or brutalize anyone; and moreover, journalist Zenu Miller, as it has been widely alleged,” EPS Director Trokon Nathaniel Roberts said.

Director Roberts said as a UN trained security officer, “I am a genuine respecter of the fundamental rights of all human beings; guaranteeing life, liberty, equality, security and the Rule of Law. As such, I will not tolerate abuse of power using my rank, position and grade to infringe on the rights of innocent citizens. The EPS under my watch will continue to respect the basic fundamental rights of every human person and uphold the shared values of dignity, equality, respect, independence in the discharge of its duties and functions.”

January 26, 2020 Zenu Miller posted on his Facebook page: “I was attacked tonight at the SKD by EPS officers in the full view of the EPS Director.” The EPS is the government security apparatus exclusively set aside to protect the President and the Vice President of the Republic of Liberia.

According to the Press Union of Liberia, who Miller narrated his ordeal to in a verbal statement, the Union wrote the EPS requesting an investigation of the matter. Up to the time of Miller’s death, three weeks after he reported the incident, no investigation had been initiated.

In words of condolence, the EPS joins all sympathizers in extending heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family, the Press Union of Liberia, the OK FM family and the Liberian people for the loss of an astute symbol of journalism in Mama Liberia.

The father of Zenu, Fokpa Miller, has however told the Committee to Protect Journalists that Zenu died after complaining of numbness in his left arm and legs.  Hospital recorded shows that Miller died of hypertension, but the Executive Mansion in the wake of the allegation came out earlier to call on families of Zenu to invite a pathologist to do an autopsy on the body to establish the cause of death.  The Executive Mansion said it would be responsible to pay the pathologist.


  1. Lying Trokon, you surely missed the mark. as insinuated in your cheap excuse, branding yourself f as a UN trained security officer, what better security officer you were / are, let alone a VIP body guard. You have just destroyed your career and has been booked by your former employer. You are a disgrace to the common body politics of Liberia.
    This goon who clearly witnessed the excesses carried out by his thugs against an innocent life, can now come out publicly to lie broadly . why didn’t you come out earlier to exonerate your self , ok, Zennu is dead and gone and you think you can find excuse in his absence and go scout free, you are dead wrong. that’s the end for your career – VIP body guard. you were never a security officer in the UN, instead a VIP body guard.

    More details will come out later on your SEA activities in Sudan and South Sudan. Sexual predator.

  2. Trokon, this drunker of a EPS director is nothing but a disgrace. He knows nothing besides arrogance and foolish talks against others. This good during his days in the North Sudan as VIP body guard, did nothing but running after others in gossips to protect his job. he later moved to south Sudan and continued same until his brother alike brought him closer to support his gossips.

    Trokon is nothing but a bootlicker who preys on innocent victims of his criminal undertakings. I just didn’t understand how President weah could make such a criminal an EPS director, this empty headed chap of no relevance.

  3. Trokon should just shut the F***K up and close his stink mouth. He clearly witnessed the flogging of this young and promising journalist he was and has gone to his early grave. Trokon can now add that to his so-called UN CV he continues to brag about.

    Trokon, should be reminded they have had several EPSs / SSS directors who are no where around in our contemporary Liberia. Pl don’t ask me about their whereabouts either. A dead beat like Trokon Robert ‘and all making news in Liberia shielding thugs who beats on innocent citizens. more details on your stay in the Sudan region will be unveiled for public consumption. This bandit got his reputation to repair, I will expose all those dirty deals of this slippery black fish in the pool.

  4. Mr. Trokon, why lied about what did occurred to Zenu Miller which was captured on camera and exposed for Liberians to see? When Mr. Miller reported the situation while alive, why you did not come up with such a position statement, instead, you waited till he died before coming up to distance your EPS from the allegations? You claimed being trained by UN which I am finding very difficult to comprehend because, your actions don’t convey such training in this situation that took away someone life, Zenu Miller.

    I think you should apologize seriously to the media families in Liberia for your lies about the event that took away one of their membership life which happened to be Miller’s life. No body will just die from hypothesis without a trigger cause. Something has to trigger it like, worrying about issues,overthinking about events that has burden to his survival and many more. So, the notion that the medical report relate to hypothesis is widely being misunderstood and need correction. What happened to Zenu Miller that actually trigger the deadly life taker? This is the question that Mr. Trokon Roberts should be asking himself but instead,he has distance the EPS involvement into the probably cause of death to Mr. Zenu Miller without considering the attack from the EPS on Miller.

  5. Philip are you ok? Do you really know the individual in question? You are a sick head mehn. You are just one sort of a Liberian who will live and be move by sentiments. What was your own outcome of investigation on Zenu’s death? Your statement against Trokon Roberts is more personal than the issue been discussed. Let us never learn to drag our individual indifference to public discourse. I could go further but it’s better said later.

  6. So-called ‘Philip WW Moore’, you are a coward. Why hide behind fake name to demonize someone you don’t know. If you sure what you’re saying about honorable is true, show your actual name. In your first post, you spelled as “More” followed my “Moore”. Your blackmail will not work against Hon. Trokon N. Roberts. He is too sophisticated to fall to our chicaneries.

    • Your propaganda chicaneries will yield nothing for you. It won’t change the character of man Trokon N. Roberts is. You coward who hides behind fake name. I challenge you to show your real name. You think by fabricating lies against a gentleman with a clean character will make the President replace Director Roberts with you at the EPS? Stop daydreaming because the President will not entrust his personal security with liars and con-artists like you. .

  7. Listen Mr. Joseph M. Akoi as you called yourself. I challenge you to air, publish or come forward with the tape recording you claim you have on the alleged flogging of journalist Zenu Miller or anybody by the EPS. Mehn, stop lying to the public. Your lies are a disservice to the bereaved family. You heard Zenu’s family who read his death certificate or medical report saying that he died of hypertension.

  8. The dead dreamers Gardea Moore and Osel Williams or whatever you fake posters are refer to can’t change the logic here. You chose to write under pen name and that’s has defeated you belly driven hustlers. I know for fact you both are agents of this dude you attempting to protect; but the damaged is done already and there’s nothing you can do about it. Trokon has lost his reputation and is booked by the violation of human right in this sense by the international community.

    Trokon is just a non entity and no one would even think to hate him . he’s just a another opportunist who jump on the band wagon because of friendship with his lone tome bed fellow. these guys did lot of funny things together and we know, but that should not be the reason for such payback. the dude is just dam dull and cant deliver the needed task. he masters being Body guard and should opt for that only. you and your likes have got the choice to die or join us the advocators against societal ills.

  9. To you Gardea Moore & Osel Williams, just continue to prey on innocent lives and you think that would set your conscious free. you truly missed out on this one. Trokon openly witnessed the flogging of this poor fellow and did not come out to say what he’s saying today, why now? why today he’s coming out to distance himself from this accusation? This wont change the narrative.

    As a former UN staff who respects the rules of laws, he should not have encouraged such violations let alone kept quiet on such devilish act by these armed bandits under his command in his sight. If truly Trokon was a trained UN security officer, he would have respected the rules governing UN personnel’s. He has lost that chance and compromised his intelligence which would need years to recover . Zenu is dead on gone ; but Trokon is left to his conscience that will beat him on for ever and he knows and understands that well. Trokon isn’t going to remain EPS director for life and trust he knows and his inaction has been recorded in the book in violators – just so you know.

    UN trained officer, that’s laughable !!. VIP body guard parading in violations of human right in such poor country. still tone!!

  10. Fighting someone with a faked name is like fighting a virus that one cannot see. I checked on Facebook for your pseudo name but could not find any Philip WW Moore or More. Let meet on FACEBOOK. Show yourself. When you checked for my name on FACEBOOK, you will in no time find it. I like intellectual gymnastics; show your actual name so I can meet you on social media.

  11. How dare u say I am not on Facebook, how I have come to know you are infact a mouth piece of these thugs? You need to justify your salary. keep defending human right violators and see what comes out for you one day. being spokespersons for EPS and defending ur so-called & corrupt boss wont help you in any way.

    That boss of yours is a dead beat. Go back on FB and check me out. probably ur next promotion is in sight after your poor PR for ur weak boss man. I want to face ur dead beat boss not you. You are trying to protect your job. small fish in this business Peking.

  12. Gardea, I can understand you need to get the job done. continue your rants and see what’s in stock for you soon. I could you support such unwarranted act of violence against peaceful journalists trying to do their job, you guys are even worse then the defunct SOD of Charles criminal Taylor police. I am forwarding you details to the FBI as one of the human right violators in that poor country of ours. A hint to you now!

  13. Where is the EPS Media Officer – Gardea Moore? Come here and defend your job by writing crap on behalf of ur empty headed boss man. Leave this Trokon guy with me let me flog some sense in that big head of his. I know, soon he will be like Benjamin Yeatan Charles Taylor. You guys continue the secret abduction and killings. there’s a day of recon and its in sight , keep on your wicked deals.

  14. I truly wondered when it was going to be Trokons turn. Everyone, I mean everyone is being attacked. I’m too wondering now if only one group of people should lead.,..so we can have peace in Liberia.

  15. Philip WW More/ Moore and Joseph M. Akoi, why hide under Pseudo names to Maligned and Fabricate stories against the Image of the EPS Director. The Trokon Roberts that I know, has an Impeccable, Undiluted, Infinite and God Fearing Character. His International records in Somalia, Sudan, Irag, Afghanistan and other areas with the UN on various Mission, speak Volume about the kind of Individual Reputation We will want to Dirty, Malign and Desecrat. I think the Family of ZENU MILLER, will need Well Meaning Folks to assist in the Wellbeing of the Kids and Family, rather than spewed on Politics, Innuendos and other Vises that will not help the Family!!!!!!


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