Association of Evangelicals of Liberia Identifies With Ebola Survivors


As part of efforts to support Ebola survivors in the country, the Association Evangelicals of Liberia (AEL) has given a special package to hundreds of Ebola survivors across the country to help them  resettle.

According to the board president of the organization, Nuwoe-James Kiamu, “This was the organization’s way of helping Ebola survivors restart their lives after Ebola had  affected them and the country at large.

“Since the outbreak of this virus, our organization has been involved in helping affected communities and individuals across the country with basic needs.”

He continued, “This is the love of Christ we continued to show to our people, especially during these difficult times.  Ebola has affected so many people and there is a need to provide something to our survivors. We are given this US$150 to each survivor and hope that they can help themselves.”

Mr. Kaimu explained that the AFL has been concerned about Ebola survivors and meeting with people affected by the virus to help beef-up some of their needs since the outbreak of the disease in the country.

According to him, his organization has been in close  contact with the Health Ministry, pastors and many other local and international partners who continued to contribute to national efforts to the eradicate the disease.  We are also partnering with government in reaching out to Ebola affected people in Liberia.

Mr. Kiamu further said, “We are working with partners who are directly interacting with Ebola survivors in the field and asking them to give names of Ebola survivors that AEL can work with. The AEL is hoping that 200 or 250 survivors can benefit from the US$150 to restart their lives because many of them cannot afford to do anything due to financial constraints.”

He emphasized that the money is little but believed that this the way God is asking AEL to reach out to the many survivors.  AEL hopes to  continue rendering assistance to many other survivors. 

Also speaking, one of the Ebola survivors, Salome Karwah, expressed her gratitude’s to the AEL for their the various kinds of support especially the  physical cash to the survivors during this difficult time in the country.

She called on the Government of Liberia to see reason to help  all Ebola survivors across the country and ensure that many of them are doing something as many of them were suffering from lot of illness since leaving the various ETUs.

According to her, “We have some people that cannot function; some are suffering from eyesight problems and many need medical attention  but don’t have the money for further treatment. Some of us lost our supporters and need something from the national government to help us.”   


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