Aspirant Campaigns against Trucking of Voters


A Montserrado County District #9 aspirant has encouraged residents of the district to resist any “financial inducement” that would lead to the transporting of people to register as voters in other districts and constituencies.

Atty. Miller B. Catakaw’s admonition comes as the country gears-up for the start of the February 1 to March 7 voter’s registration exercise that would qualify people to vote during the 2017 presidential and legislative elections.

He then cautioned the residents to take the voter registration exercise “very serious, because the votes you cast are your decision and that will undermine the progress of your district and the country.”

Catakaw added: “If you allowed yourselves to be trucked, then you have lost the opportunity to elect the rightful people that will represent your interest at the Legislature.”

“Our district,” he said, “is underdeveloped because of bad leadership and therefore we have to ensure that you register in your own district to elect the rightful people to lead the district.”

He did not, however, name the aspirants who are considering trucking voters during the upcoming process, as was done in previous elections.

Catakaw argued that the trucking of people is part of the major issues responsible for the backwardness of several districts in the country.

He sounded the call recently when he launched a campaign to educate his district on the effects of voter-trucking.

He also used the occasion to raise the concern among prospective voters so that they can condemn the act in the strongest terms.

“When these people are brought to register as voters, they are facilitated by these aspirants, but when the aspirants lose the election, they would not be transported to polling stations if there were any possible run-off,” Catakaw said.

He said this practice tends to affect voter turnout since many of them will not come and vote without being facilitated.

He urged voters to register at the nearest polling station during the forthcoming voter registration process to make it easier for people to vote on Election Day.


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