Aspirant Appeals to Grand Kru Citizens


A representative aspirant for District #2 in Grand Kru County sees the forthcoming presidential and legislative elections as an opportunity for the people to join him to bring changes for the county.

Monroe Wesseh Young, who holds a Masters’ degree in health service administration served as president of the National Krao Association (NKA) in the United States. He told journalists yesterday in an interview in Monrovia that he is encouraging the people to register to vote to ensure development in the county.

Young admitted that Grand Kru County is one of the least developed counties in the country, despite the county’s ability to produce great scholars for Liberia.

At present, Mr. Young serves as the vice president for Grand Kru Development Association in the United States. He said he has decided to contest the district number two seat currently being occupied by Representative Nemene T. H. Bartekwa.

Mr. Young, who arrived from the United States two days ago, said Grand Kru County citizens in the United States have seen the need to ensure that the county gets the required support from both the government and private citizens to carry out development work.

“I am aware of unemployment, lack medical facilities, children who sit on the ground in their classrooms and inadequate transportation and these are issues that affect our people daily that must be addressed,” Young said.

To change the increasing number of children out of school is to invest in the people, he said, “and that is what I am prepared to do if elected.”

He mentioned a report from Grand Kru County about the murder of a woman and whose body parts were reportedly removed and noted that he would be visiting the county and meet with the family whose daughter was killed, though he did not prevail further details.

He said if elected, citizens hailing from the county will experience the beginning of major developments in the first 90 days of his administration.

Young said due to the country’s civil war, many people are psychologically deranged and unable to reason like normal persons; children as young as seven year-olds should be selling cold water in the streets when they are supposed to be in school, preparing for tomorrow.

“I am here today because I had the opportunity to go to school,” Young said, “and I think those kids who are wasting their lives out there selling deserve a chance to go to school.”

To a question about the eight months left for elections and how much he could do to get his message to the residents in the county, Young said when he served as president for the NKA for seven years in the United States, his administration organized relief trips to the county. As a result, he has a record of leadership among the people.

He also said another important development that he would tackle if elected, is the establishment of a ferry system to transport Liberians living on the coast to ease their transportation worries.

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  1. As a friend of Mr. Young in America, I can attest to his integrity and his commitment to bring positive leadership to the people of Grand Kru county. He gets my vote!!

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