Aspen Medical Launches ‘First Aid’ Education for Schools, Community, Organizations


Aspen Medical Liberia has launched a new initiative to help provide first aid education for kids in schools, community and work places as part of its support to good health environmentin Liberia.
Aspen Medical Liberia is one of Monrovia’s leading private medical clinics, providing a full range of western standard medical and emergency services, located in Sinkor.
At the launch of the initiative yesterday held at the B. W. Harris Episcopal High School in Monrovia, Business Development and Community Relations Manager, Elaine Sey, explained that the new initiative is part of her organization’s plan for promoting a healthy society.
“Today is the beginning of Aspen’s plan in educating the kids about the issue of first aid and we have over 200 students who completed this one-day training of basics first aid education. Aspen strongly believes that they will apply it on campus and within their various communities,” madam Sey explained.
Madam Sey said she was impressed with the level of participations of the kids (Students) in getting first aid, which has motivated her organization of its desire to expand the initiative to other institutions, adding that such program would motivate the kids in filling the gap of specialization within the health sector of Liberia.
She explained further that, “The kids today proved excellent and were encouraged to ask important questions that indicate they have passion for what we taught today. Some may demonstrate this first aid tomorrow and save a person’s life. We were also able to use things they can easily get within their homes, community and apply first aid.”
Madam Sey also disclosed a plan to decentralize the initiative to help other institutions, communities and work places to have a solid first aid education to facilitator buttress health workers’ efforts in saving lives and having a healthy community.
“We are taking this worthy initiative and anticipate that school administrators will take advantage of this opportunity to have their kids (Students) and staff trained in first aid without any cost,” she asserted.
She continued, “We are anticipating that other organizations will provide support to help us continue this training and help Liberia… and we need the commitment of school administrators, organizations and beneficiaries.”
Also speaking, B. W. Harris’ acting vice principal for instruction, Benjamin L. Tulay Sr., expressed his impressions of the training being provided for his students and called on Aspen Medical Liberia to increase the number of training days to help equip the students with first aid knowledge and skills.
He added that, “This will help the students take care of emergencies both on campus and at home in absence of teachers and parents. It is important for children to know or be educated on how to solve emergency problems. We hope that they can also trained our staff in handling such a situation if any.”
Students who spoke with the Daily Observer expressed gratitude for the new program and called on the organization to continue the program as well as increase the training days to enable beneficiaries to be better equipped with the newly acquired knowledge.


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