‘Artificial Shortage’ of Gasoline?

The apparent gas shortage in Monrovia on Monday had motorists and micro-retailers of gasoline clamoring for the product at every service station that had any to spare.

LPRC says there is enough product in-country

The Daily Observer has reliably learned that major distributors of petroleum products, particularly gasoline, have shut down their facilities with signs placed at hundreds of fueling stations stating, “no gas for now.”

Stations affected by this phenomenon include Total Liberia, Aminata, Super Petroleum (SP), NP, Don Kan, and Kailando, as well as other smaller filling stations. The news about the shortage of gasoline started late Sunday evening with hundreds of quasi-gasoline sellers (can-boy) trooping to established petroleum stations.

At US$2.95 (currently L$570) per U.S. gallon, Liberia has the second lowest gasoline price across West Africa next to Nigeria (US$1.52), while Liberia’s immediate neighbors show prices well beyond the US$3 price point, according to Global Petro Prices. In Sierra Leone, the price per gallon is US$3.32; Guinea, US$3.98; and Ivory Coast is up at US$4.05 US Dollars per gallon. Senegal tops the entire sub-region at US$4.98 per gallon.

However, at the news of the shortage, gas prices in Paynesville and Monrovia soared by approximately one U.S. dollar, with trickle-down effects felt mainly on the commercial transport sector. Taxi drivers immediately began charging their passengers nearly fifty percent more than the usual fare per trip, with passengers complaining about commercial drivers’ decision to increase the fares.

At the news of the shortage, gas prices in Paynesville and Monrovia soared by approximately one U.S. dollar, with trickle-down effects felt mainly on the commercial transport sector.

“I don’t know about gas reaching to LD$750 or more, but we have the product in the country. Maybe, Ministry of Commerce and Industry needs to get involved,” William Morris, Director for Public Affairs at the Liberia Petroleum Refinery Company (LPRC) told the Daily Observer yesterday.

According to Morris, the management yesterday Sunday, January 19 discharged a vessel and continued up to the morning of January 20, 2020.

“I don’t understand how possible it is for the country to be experiencing shortage of gas on the market,” Mr. Morris said, while emphasizing that Liberia continues to have more petroleum products.

Jacob Parley, Director for Communications at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) told the Daily Observer yesterday that the ministry will officially respond today, Tuesday, January 21, 2020, to reports on the artificial shortage of gasoline on the market.


  1. people must use electric cars because there is too much trouble with the gas they are fighting because of the oil so we must do the right thing by doing so to stop all the problems with the gas.vote for ahmad saide,jr.for president of north America in the year 2020 if you vote for a.s.j. you vote for you justice for all jobs for all Id card or green cards for all and peace to all people.super rich america

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  2. The citizens of that country are always in their right minds to believe in the sayings of their dishonest government officials. That by itself is the reason they are easily fooled or lied to. Even when they know the truth, that they can not trust anyone who had lied to them before, but since they can’t hear, they always will live through pinch of lies from their government. Before the so-called ” Artificial Shortage ” concerning the alleged shortage of gas , it was the shortage of the local currency. While others were pointing at the Lebanese community and the Fulani business community. Although government has lost count of its monetary system. Even as the citizens were feeling the actual pinch and the banks were rationing out services, the government said there was no evidence of shortage of cash in the country. That was before there was no evidence of missing money in local currency. That was even before the personal misappropriation of US 25 million dollars. And now the very government is saying no shortage of gas , while there are physical evidence of the fact through the pinch being felt by the citizens. But one thing that the government has going for it is and counting on is, what the citizens do not know will not hurt them because it is in government They Trust. Although too many times government has told a lie as truth to its citizens. And so the beat goes on and on, until reality checks in for change . So there is no shortage of gas. Thank God , the regime is not publicly putting the blame on the Lebanese businesse community and the Fulani business community for their shortcomings or lies as before.


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