Arthouse Cinema to Cost Over €172K

EU Counsellor and Political Officer, Mrs. Emma Sundblad.

The European Union arthouse cinema project which is expected to be completed this year will be built at the cost of €172,284.

The Arthouse Cinema is part of the EU delegation to Liberia’s promise to offer a space for the development of creativity, arts and innovation among Liberian youths. This is the first-of-its-kind project by the EU and is meant to improve the talent of promising Liberian youths.

Elizabeth Lanzi Mazzocchini, EU culture diplomacy contact person in an email to the Daily Observer said the total value of the project is €172,284, but the EU will pay €147,583 as part of its contributions to the project.

“The remaining amount was raised by local student organization KRITERION MONROVIA for the establishment of the cinema space through crowdfunding, mostly online. This week we have Engineers without Borders coming to Liberia. They will be supporting with the finalization of the design of the facility to be rehabilitated and turned into a cinema,” Mazzocchini said.

Regarding why the arthouse cinema project focuses only on Monrovia, Mazzocchini explained that Monrovia is the capital of the country and unlike other capitals across the world and in Africa it essentially has no cinemas and spaces easily accessible and affordable to young people for culture, arts, and creative production.

“Should more resources to support similar cultural initiatives become available in the future we would, of course, consider doing something similar in other counties and towns,” she said. “This is the first initiative of this kind financed by the European Union in Africa.”

The Arthouse project is one of the numerous projects supported by EU to promote Liberia’s cultural heritage which include the reprint of the book, Legends of Liberia. €Previously written by Peter Pinney, the manuscript went missing in action due to the county’s 14-year of civil war. But the coming of the second edition retells and brings revives the lost, unique and classic legends of Liberia. From the first page to the last, each story provides detailed information or narration, most especially when it comes to the history of the tribe, which makes it a standout among any book that talks about legends from Liberia or about Liberia.

“The EU is strongly committed to supporting cultural heritage, and the creative industries. Building on the experience of two successful editions of the Euro Liberian Film Festival, we are pleased to be supporting this new project,” the Counsellor and Head of the Political Section of the EU Delegation to Liberia, Emma Sundblad, said in a statement last week.


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