Arrested For Censorship Or Unruly Behavior?

A4doe and Kpanto are the makers of the hit single, "Bring Our Container Back"

HipCo artist A4doe freed after arrest, reportedly for his hit song ‘Bring Our Container Back’; MC Caro complains of receiving threats for similar song

Music producer Augustine Ford, popular knew as A4doe who was reportedly arrested over his involvement in the song ‘Bring Our Container Back’ has been freed.

The ‘Bring Our Container Back’ song criticized the government’s, handling of the money, corruption in government and demands the return of the cash immediately.

The arrest of A4doe, according to DJ Weezy, a person knowledgeable about the issue, happened early Sunday morning around 1:00 am right in front of President Weah’sHouse.

“The arrest happened right in front of the President house. From what I know, the producer and his musician Kpanto were on a bike on their way from his house when they were stopped by the President’s security guards.  The bike man was stopped because he was in violation of a law that bans motorbikes from plying the streets after 10:00 pm.

A4doe (pictured, as he was released from police custody Sunday night) “was brutalized”, DJ Weezy to the Daily Observer.

“However, A4doe and Kpanto came in the picture after one of the police officers assigned at the President’s house identified them as the duo who sang the song Bring Back Our Container,” Weezy said, adding, “Because of that, the police decided to arrest the duo along with the bike rider for violating the law. The duo resisted the arrest but was subdued by the police who used force. Fortunately Kpanto escaped and that how he broke the news.”

Weezy also added that he believes the artistes were arrested due to production of the song because at the police station, he could not get a single charge sheet from the Police despite requesting same.

“This is complete censorship and it should not be happening.  This is practical censorship because the police were unable to charge A4doe for any criminal. Everyone including artists has the right to freely expressed themselves without any political retribution. I’m afraid if this continues, artists will not be to speak against political ills.  It is not fair that his rights were violated. The boy was brutalized,” Weezy noted.

Meanwhile, fast-rising female rapper MC Caro has also revealed that she has been receiving strange calls after she did a similar song with the same title but with different lyrics.

Female HipCo rapper, MC Caro

The 23-year old who has previously criticized the Weah led government for its shortcomings, made the revelation on Sunday on her Facebook after news broke out that A4doe has been set free.

MC Caro wrote Sunday on her Facebook: “Since I dropped the song I received a lot of strange calls threatening to silence me.  I also was chased last night on my way from Brewerville to Caldwell.”

However, P. Edwin Tisdel, the former manager of the rap group South Fresh said contrary to report, the arrest of A4doe happened because he allegedly went to the president house to misbehave.

Tisdel wrote on his Facebook post that: “As someone who is well-placed and has been around the entertainment sector for decades, I instantly got interested in the story when it broke out. I contacted the relevant security authorities including the depot where A4doe was been held.

P. Edwin Tisdel

“I was informed that the artiste (A4doe) had gone in front of the president’s house in ELWA-Rehab community to disturb. In addition to his conduct, he was intoxicated in the process. No part of the world would they allow someone to engage in unruly conduct in front of the residence of the country’s President. It poses a national security threat to engage in acts of unruly behavior in front of the President’s residence,” he said.

Tisdel added the artist was arrested because of his involvement in acts of unruly behavior or disorderly conduct.

“He was arrested in accordance with the law and subsequently detained. He will be processed for other legal actions if deemed prudent by Security authorities. This is void of politics,” he added.

However, sources say, that the lack of formal charges against the artist for his alleged unruly acts completely attests that Tisdell’s accounts is misleading and intended to shore up the accounts of those who arrested the artist. The artist, according to a Police officer, name withheld, was arrested simply on account of his song which has been aired repeatedly on local radio stations.


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