“Arrest Tweah,” Methodist Church Human Rights Monitor Says


Minutes after Finance Minister Samuel Tweah denied the disappearance of any container of money [L$16 billion] imported into the country, the director of the Human Rights Monitor of the United Methodist Church (UMC) in Liberia has called on the government to immediately arrest him for “misleading the public when he sanctioned looting the country’s resources.”

Jefferson Knight said Minister Tweah’s utterances in the wake of the missing money demonstrated that he was knowledgeable of the “money saga,” and has called for Tweah’s arrest or suspension, in order to assist with ongoing investigations.

Mr. Knight is also president of the Civil and Trade Union Institutions of Liberia.

“Minister Tweah is saying that nothing has happened as far as such a huge money is concerned and, therefore, we should go back to business as usual,” Knight said.

At a press conference on Thursday, September 20 in Monrovia, he insisted that Tweah be arrested or suspended so that he can form part of the investigation, “because he knows where the money is, and should therefore be made to explain about it.”

Knight said the disappearance of the money was a high degree of criminality and one of the worst economic crimes that Liberia has experienced in recent history, “especially when the people are grappling with the current harsh economic situation.”

“Let me make it clear that any attempt to compromise this case will be resisted by the Liberian people, because it is necessary that President George Weah takes some punitive measures to save the state from bleeding, “ he said.

Knight added: “We are going to mobilize our members, including marketers and students, to stage a massive demonstration.”

He said information about the missing money was scaring, because it has the propensity to increase the suffering of the Liberian people under Weah’s presidency.

Knight lauded news that investigators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States of America were now involved with the reported investigation concerning the supposed missing money.


  1. “Thou shalt not muzzle the mouth of the ox that threaded out the corn.” Check the Bible. When people of God come in the Ten commandments stand.
    Gone to pray.

  2. Man of God I support you 100% the finance minister needs to be arrested immediately for gaven misleading information to the Liberian PEOPLE’S he is one of the CRIMMINALs involved in this $16 Billions dollars issued

  3. Tweah is trying to confuse the public and he should resign. I suspect Weah told him to make those comments to confuse the public and push this crime under the rug as usual. I hope people don’t buy that.

  4. When the people of this our dear country, Liberia speak, government officials refuse to listen. Now the message is passing through you Man of God. These guys need to be dragged and placed somewhere instead of talking too much. Liberians are feared in other African nations because they say Liberians are by nature. The longer these guys stay outside the more they confuse the investigation. Remember the NOCAL saga? That was swept under the carpets. So we do not know what is the outcome up to now.

  5. Man of God I hope other God fearing people could join you. Liberians are taken for fool, people get away with murder and we Liberians sit down and do nothing about it. Its about time we elect people in the house and senate that know the importance of over sight, and Liberians need to speak out, government official go all over the world to look for money for it to be use by an unknown group of people. Somebody knows what happen, and if there is no paper tray, than these should resign.

  6. Clean the courts and set all benches straight, paint the walls, and get ready for cases; criminal and election legal actions. Lawyers and Judges, start reading your LCLs. No more time to fight. No more war. The people are ready to hear what the Liberian law says. They are ready of observe court rules. Gone to silence.

  7. The Central Bank should put concentration in the value of Liberian money by retrieving some used Liberian bank notes for unused notes on stock to retrieve production in the market and avoid dilution in the flow of needed domestic goods and services. While the container is under investigation. The Liberian common market should be served first, the commercial banks next, and exchanged raters inferred. This will immediately bring the bags to focus. We will find out.
    See the people’s money. Gone.

  8. I’m absolutely disappointed by Mr. Jefferson Knight for saying that he is happy because FBI of the USA have taken up investigations into the missing money saga in Liberia. It’s a shame, and if Mr. Jefferson’s assertion is true, whoever have arranged for FBI to come to Liberia and carryout investigations into internal matters of a sovereign state, must begin to bow their heads in shame, including Mr Jefferson Knight. If it is the government of Liberia which has arranged for FBI to come to Liberia to perform the duties of Liberian investigative and security agencies, then they must as well be told that they have just provided the justification why some disgruntled and subversive elements of the Liberian society will be justified to bring the CIA of the USA into the country, for change of government, as alleged, was done in the past, in the case of Liberia and other African states. Let’s stop this myopic and backward thinking and try to always make do with what we have. As for bilateral relationships, for the exchange of expertise and cultural diversity, that will always exist between friendly countries. But to surrender responsibilities of state institutions, to friendly countries, is unacceptable. It is a shame that should not be repeated anymore. Never!

  9. Was this container and bags the source of support used within the transitional period by the last administration to blackmail the 2018 President elect, and overthrow the incoming Government? Was this present Ministry of Finance and last lady President involved in this plot? Why did she predict the resignation of her son at CBL? Was he and this minister of finance the funding supply to this plan operation if there was. The present President may not have known or be a part since no leader at this point would want to over throw himself. If this is a factual premise, than, who was trying to overthrow and put the Liberian nation again in a stage of blood bath? While finding the money, do we see why Liberians should be interested in the search?
    Remember the present President of Liberia was considered, a novice and unqualified by some of his opponents and even supporters who did not trust leadership of a 9th-10th grader prior to and after he went back to school. We do not need another coup or war in this nation. We should explore all avenues in this investigation. Answer the Liberian people. Not me.
    In prayers.

  10. You just don’t arrest another citizen for making counterclaims….Unless this arm of the Methodist church supports violation of basic rights of citizens….
    I am not a supporter of Tweah or his CDC’s political machine, but I believe in the fundamental rights of every citizen. Until you can prove this man has committed a crime, cut this idea of jailing him off!

  11. Elpaulay, great point. From a legal perspective, you’re certainly right. I am however particularly alarmed that the first thought of a Christian Organization (affiliated with the United Methodist denomination) is to have a public official arrested without any conviction of crime, rather than do what the Bible instructs Christians to do.

    The Bible urges Christians to pray for their leaders. In 1 Timothy 2:1-4, the Apostle Paul wrote, ”
    “I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people—for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.” In Romans 13:1, he further says, “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” While secular people can and may exercise their rights to disregard any of this, the Church should not, because by praying for your leaders, or those in authority and good government are important.
    Such authorities include government officials (international, national, and local) and pastors, church elders, school boards, school principals, employers, and the like. Praying for them makes practical sense because leaders can affect the conditions we live in and have an impact on our families, our churches, our workplaces, our cities, and our countries. When those in authority are obeying the will of God, it is easier to “live peaceful and quiet lives. When evil men are in authority, prayers for them are just as needed, so that they would be changed into good leaders by God.

    So, I encourage the Churches and certainly Christian organizations to firstly focus on their calling by the Scriptures with respect to those in authority. This does not in any way excuse holding accountable those who violate the law. In fact, part of praying for those in authority is that they will abide by the laws, and the Church and all Christians certainly should do the same. That’s what the Scriptures instruct. The story above attributed to actions recommended by a Christian organization is not reflective of its calling by the canon it lives by and I hope and encourage it to revisit its policies and instead pray for the leaders and where available, provide counsel to those in authority to become righteous and good leaders.

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