Armed Robbery Trial Postponed over Indictment Errors


    Drama unfolded on Monday, February 17, in Criminal Court ‘D’ when the trial of nine people accused of Armed Robbery was immediately suspended after discovering inconsistencies in the indictment.

    Criminal Court ‘D’ is responsible to hear armed robbery cases.

    The indictment against the nine individuals was drawn by the Grand Jury for Montserrado County.

    Defendants David Freeman, alias “TI” David Poka alias “Face” Jacob Thaprfe, Summyboy, Saturday, Kawasa, A.B, T.J and Papie were indicted for allegedly robbing several homes in the New Georgia Old Field Community, on April 9, 2010.

    At Monday’s hearing, only four of the nine defendants were seen in open court when the case resumed.

    It all started when one of the defendants, only identified as “T.J” denied being called T.J, neither was the name given to him by his biological parents.

    His denial followed after he refused to answer to the name T.J when the clerk of court was about to read the indictment to them.

    The indictment outline detailed information about the alleged crimes. 

    That prompted the defense team to ask the court to give them additional time to review the evidence and the indictment.

    After which time, they would have digested the documents and adequately prepared themselves to defend the accused.

    At one point, they argued that the evidence was not given to them on time, describing the indictment as being marred with inconsistencies.

    Based on these alleged irregularities, the indictment was not read in open court to the defendants; as has been done in every criminal case. 

    Before that could happen, prosecution had already produced the evidence which they would rely on to prosecute the men.

    But, the Indictment— a copy of which is in the possession of the Daily Observer— stated “on April 9 2010, between 2:30 and 3:30 in the New Georgia, Old Field Community the defendants  David Freeman, alias “TI” David Poka, alias “Face” Jacob Thaprfe, Summyboy, Saturday, Kawasa, A.B, T.J and Papie willfully and intentionally committed the crime of armed robbery.”

    It further stated, “They attacked the homes of Saah Johnson, Pastor James S. Williams and Lewis P. Gibson by breaking down their front doors and entering while threatening them with cutlasses, knives, sticks and other deadly weapons.”

    According to the indictment, the defendants threatened to kill their victims if they did not surrender their valuables to them.

    In the process, the men allegedly stole items valued at US$1,315.00 and LD$7,050.00.


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