Armed Robbery Spree Leaves Monrovia Districts Fearful


Menace heightens as rainfall increases

For the past several weeks Monrovia and its suburbs of Paynesville, Duala, Waterside and Rally Time Market have encountered a wave of armed robberies, especially during heavy rains at night, leaving residents in those areas in a state of fear.

Other areas experiencing increasing criminal activities include Soul Clinic, Wood Camp, Morris Farm and fringes of West Point as well as Gobachop Market at Red-Light.

According to residents who spoke to the Daily Observer in separate interviews last Monday,  suspected armed robbers normally step up their activities at night during heavy rainfall.  They indicated that these robbers attack during late hours of the night when occupants of many homes are normally asleep.

Over the weekend, several homes and business entities in the Soul Clinic and Wood Camp communities were reportedly hit by suspected thieves who made away with household items as well as money.

Several of the affected residents told the Daily Observer on Tuesday that they made efforts to contact some of the police depots for assistance during the attack .

Moreover, crime related stories being narrated by affected residents and business owners also point to what appears to be a glaring display of impunity being allegedly encouraged by administrations of security agencies.

They explained that officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) would arrive on the crime scenes when the suspected armed robbers had already escaped with their looted items.

The residents also noted that response from the LNP officers at the various depots  have not yielded impact as the armed robbers continue to inflict losses on  vulnerable homes and businesses  in the two communities in Paynesville.

“We are grateful however, the LNP officers have made some arrests but, sadly, some of the suspected robbers are seen a few days later in our communities and we are on some occasions threatened by them,” a resident Thomas B. Dukulue of Wood Camp said.

The residents further pointed out that while they are contending with the nightmare of flooding in the two crime prone communities, robbers continue to rain havoc on them.

Around the famous Gobachop Market, an offshoot of the greater Red-Light business center, residents claimed that more than a dozen ghettos have sprung up such that owners of small Liberian-owned businesses that reside there continue to live in perpetual fear.

For the densely populated commercial districts of Duala and Waterside, business people and residents intimated that the frequency of armed robberies has doubled as the heavy rains continue to fall.

In separate comments, residents and traders  appealed to the LNP to come up with new strategies that will help combat the wave of armed robberies.

“We want better and a well-coordinated approach on the part of our LNP officers and other related security agencies in leading our efforts to beat back the suspected criminals from our communities,” a resident of Paynesville RedLight,  Pharmacist Sam B. Samuakai said.


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