Armed Robbery at Daily Observer


Five armed men on Sunday morning attacked the offices of the Daily Observer on the corner of Benson and MacDonald Street and made away with the external unit of a 24,000 BTU (British thermal unit), air-conditioner.

  There were no injuries to the two security officers on duty.  The two officers on duty, both of whom preferred not to be named, said the robbers came in an unmarked pickup truck, armed with two AK-47 rifles and a piece of metal that resembled a crow bar.

 “It was about 3:15 in the morning when the pick-up arrived and two men got down at the street corner and began to talk to each other,” the first security officer explained.

  The street, According to him, was pitch dark. 

While he and his colleague went on their regular patrol of the building perimeter, they heard a loud noise, indicating that someone was forcibly removing something.

 “We rushed towards where the noise came from, only to be confronted by two men in masks, armed with their AK-47s and a long iron,” said the first officer.

He said the two masked men ordered them to give them the keys to the Observer building.

“We explained that our duty was only to guard the building, but we did not have the key,” he said.

   “By now my legs and hands were trembling in fear of the armed robbers,” the second security officer said.

According to him, the two armed robbers ordered them to kneel, while the three others busied themselves removing the air conditioning unit that was braced on the wall on the Benson Street side of the building.

  “In fact, they knocked off the latch that held a larger air-condition unit in place (on the same side), but suddenly, we heard noise coming towards the area and that is how we heard them calling on each other to leave.

The five men, according to the security guards, rushed to the unmarked pick-up truck and sped off down McDonald Street, toward Broad Street, with the stolen item.

 The security guards said they immediately contacted their boss Prince Seakor, manager of Kapeta Security, the firm hired to guard the premises, and later the Metro One Police Depot on Center Street.

 The only LNP officer on duty there, told Seakor that he was alone on duty and that the LNP would provide the needed support at the appropriate time.

 The LNP officers accordingly visited the crime scene later that morning, and said investigations would commence any time shortly.


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