Armed Robbers Storm Home of Bong County Senator


Heavily armed men, believed to be robbers, early Saturday morning, December 5, stormed the home of Bong County Senator, Dr. Henrique Flomo Tokpa, on the Duport Road in Paynesville. Senator Tokpa told reporters Saturday morning, that the men armed with AK-47 rifles, machetes, and other dangerous weapons, entered his residence in a pickup around 3:00 a.m., and forced their way into the house and put the house boy under gunpoint, asking about Dr. Tokpa’s whereabouts.

According to the Senator who is in Bong County, the house boy told the robbers that he (Lawmaker) was in Bong County for his annual legislative break.

He disclosed that the armed men then made away with a television set and a cell phone belonging to the house boy, with a promise to come back at a later date.

Sen. Tokpa said the case has been reported to the Liberia National Police and has called on Police Inspector General, Patrick Sudue, to provide security for his home. He further explained that he has reported the matter to the Leadership of the Liberian Senate.

The Bong lawmaker described as appalling the increasing wave of armed robberies across the country in recent times. “These things scare investors away from the country; the police need to do something about it”, he lamented.

Senator Tokpa wants the police to beef up their night patrol as a way of restoring the hope of the public, most of who continue to live in fear as a result of the increase in criminal activities across the country.


  1. Liberians should be able to arm themselves to avoid this dangerous trend of behaviour happening in Liberia if government can not protect the people. People should be able to own firearms legally and registered ownership. We can not continue to be harassed by arms rubber in our own homes. Home is the last place where anyone will like to be harassed. Sometimes, it takes danger to combat danger and this is one of the situation unfolding in Liberia that need serious attention.

    • Joseph, I completely agree with you. Our homes are the last place where we should feel unsafe. Another thing is that our police force doesn’t have enough manpower to be all over and if we have to be security for ourselves, then a gun law needs to be passed.

  2. This is just too bad! The speed at which crimes are taking place across Liberia is alarming. What is more alarming is that we don’t get the results that we need. Even if we get CCTV, that’s only for commentary after the incident. I think that the House needs to introduce a gun bill, for only our homes or businesses, so that we can also protect ourselves. It starts little by little. They can also require background checks and other requirements before getting a gun, but we need that. Honorable Legislators, are you listening?

  3. Eka

    Well, how do you feel about the suggestion the president made? He said Liberians should provide for themselves home security alarms in order to reduce the rate of armed robberies.

    If so, then how about those who are living in deep pockets of poverty in Monrovia and in other counties? How will they be able to afford this? This is just a thought.


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